Here's What Kind Of Vixen You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s What Kind Of Vixen You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everybody is a troublemaker at some point in their lives and although we don't always realize it, our star signs can give away the kind of trouble we are most likely to get into.

Each star sign has its unique quirks and naughtiness, and we'll be looking at the kind of vixen you are, according to the star sign you were born under.

What makes a vixen, you wonder? Well, that would be your sexy and luscious appeal to the opposite sex.

We all have that something special that makes us stand out, and our Zodiac signs play a big role in how we act.

Look at the kind of vixen you are with the idea of embracing it as well as improving any misbehavior.

Pisces: Etherial Mermaid

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

The women ruled by Neptune are like the mermaids of the ocean. They are ethereal and alluring with a charm that cannot be denied. At their worst, they are like sirens who lead men to their doom.

Neptune is the planet of intuition and dreams, which is why a Pisces lady can be described as ethereal.

Pisces are old souls who layered personalities that can be difficult to pin down. Reading you is almost impossible.

You can be a strong pillar for someone one moment and the next, you're stabbing them in the back. Be careful about how you behave - your actions have consequences.

It can be easy for you to believe that all men want to follow you like brain-dead idiots but don't let your fantasies out rule reality.

Keep yourself in check and use your charm for good, not evil.

Aquarius: Sexy Librarian

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

You are the kind of woman that drives nerdy guys completely crazy - you're their fantasy. With a big brain and a great sense of humor, it isn't difficult to understand why you're so irresistible.

Often, you are found hanging out with the hipsters and intellectuals and you know a little bit about everything.

The Aquarius lady is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, which makes you a bit of an unpredictable rebel.

However, you can be quite detached and that is often seen as a cool aloofness. Your ability to remain friends with an ex is something that your partners don't always appreciate.

You are a devoted friend and that means that lovers usually have to settle for second place. Unless you want to end up alone, you may have to make space for that someone special.

Use that sense of humor and intellect to attract unique lovers and be sure to show them they are important.

Capricorn: Composed Queen

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

As ladies ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are very aware of restriction and karma. You know that nothing in our life will just fall in your lap.

Anything worth your attention will take dedication and time and you know it.

You are composed and classy - a very sexy look by all means. You value your reputation and status and won't back down when it comes to staying poised.

With that said, you're not at all 'showy' and are a hard worker in the most real sense. You are like that with your relationships as well - you like to allow bonds to blossom over time.

While you do come off as shy and reserved but will not be anyone's floormat that gets trampled by others.

You are a lady and a boss who can't really handle others who aren't as disciplined. Don't be too judgemental and try to relax a little while sticking to your principles.

Sagittarius: Beautiful Wild Horse

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

These ladies are likely to be winners of talent contests or beauty pageants. Sometimes both! You are attractive and blessed with more than one talent.

Sagittarius folk are ruled by Jupiter - the planet of expansion and luck. There is no reason for you not to be optimistic at all times.

You are glamorous and vivid - a gorgeous and talented wonder. A lack of confidence isn't likely found in you and you are drawn to successful and wealthy partners.

Seen as the wild horse of the Zodiac, Sagittarius ladies are showstoppers. You want to be allowed to roam freely and inspire awe in those around you.

However, you can get bored easily and move on to the next person. This comes with much negativity from others.

Teach yourself to be more patient and you'll likely find much more happiness in life and in love.

Scorpio: Sultry Demoness

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

People know when they're dealing with a Scorpio lady - she's unmistakable. You may not quite stand out from the crowd. Your gaze is piercing and you exude a certain enigmatic charm.

Being ruled by Mars and Pluto, you are in control and very sultry. Instead of verbally flirting with a partner, you'll give them a 'look,' and they'll know your intentions.

As the Zodiac's darkest sign, you are mysterious, intriguing, and a bit scary. Many Scorpios can be described as 'Gothic,' and they wouldn't mind.

While being a lady in public, you're a freak (in a really good way) behind closed doors. You like to play hard to get.

Be careful that you don't play too hard and unintentionally burn bridges behind you. Use that dark charm of yours and mix it with playful control and you'll make your partner very happy.

And don't be afraid to show that you actually care - it can be hard to see if a Scorpio lady really loves you.

Libra: Lovely Lady

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

Of all the star signs, the Libra is most steady when it comes to relationships. They make for awesome long-term partners.

You are ruled by Venus and are happiest when things are harmonious. Beauty in your romantic and social relationships are what makes you thrive.

You are elegant and graceful and the epitome of a lady.

Excelling at being socially charming, you easily make friends and leave many fans in your wake.

Though you may have a few casual relationships, you are absolutely devoted when you find your soulmate.

You are fantastic at handling confrontation and can diffuse a situation quite easily.

You want a partner that is your equal and teammate. Continue to draw people in with your sparkling elegance but be careful not to come across as pretentious.

Your taste is expensive and classy but tries not to look down on those who don't meet your standards.

Virgo: Earthly Maiden

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

You have that 'girl next door' vibe going and you actually like to play it up a bit. Virgo ladies are easy-going and accessible, attracting partners quite quickly.

Although you are approachable and easy to get along with, figuring you out is actually quite the task.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury and can sometimes be less talkative than other women. You don't show your emotions for everyone to see.

You don't need to try hard to attract the attention of a partner. You stand out naturally. Though you dress simply, your beauty is undeniable and can't be hidden.

You tend to be very critical at times, so try not to be too critical when it comes to your partners. Relax and enjoy what they bring to the table.

Leo: Superstar

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

These ladies are ruled by the sun - the center of the universe. It's only natural that they're the center of attention at all times.

Leo ladies are often in control when it comes to their partners - they're the leading ladies, so to speak.

You're passionate about life and need someone who shares your sentiment.

Some of the most creative minds are Leos and they're known for being a bit wild too.

Drama and artistic expression are what drive you and you don't mind making the first move. The lioness is an exceptional hunter and you usually get what you want when you want it.

However, it is easy to call Leo women drama queens and they live up to that name. Try to tone things down a bit and take time to build lasting relationships.

Cancer: Loving Damsel

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

A Cancer lady is all about being rescued by her handsome prince. She is also normally the 'mother' in her group of friends.

Cancer ladies care deeply but are considered the 'damsel in distress' of the Zodiac. The Moon rules her and her moods go up and down like the tides.

You are romantic and sentimental with a radiant feminine beauty that is quite lovely to see. You have a solid intuition and you tend to listen to it carefully.

Partners enjoy the motherly love that you dote on them with, but you can be overbearing at times. For the most part, though, your soft heart makes up for it.

You have an adorable charm that is irresistible, but you can be too dependent on others. Be careful of the kind of people that dependency can attract.

Gemini: Playful Nymph

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

Gemini ladies are ruled by Mercury and described as 'flighty creatures' always on the move.

You can be on both sides of a coin since you were born under the sign of the twins. This can be intriguing and entertaining as well as confusing for others.

Geminis have an undeniable charm and lure in partners with their flirty personalities and beautiful spark. You are ruled by Mercury and excel at communication and commerce.

You can be mischievous and alluring but also deep and very caring. Despite your innocent appearance, you can be quite the 'bad girl.'

You likely attract 'bad boys' so be careful when dealing with partners that pique your interest with their 'corrupt hearts'.

Taurus: Gorgeous Hippie

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

The Taurus lady is the barefoot maiden of the Zodiac. She is earthly and elegant with a natural charm.

You are ruled by Venus, which means you like to enjoy all the pleasures life offers - good food, beautiful clothes, and more.

Taurus women tend to have heightened senses when it comes to others and are very sensual creatures.

With big eyes and alluring lips, you are irresistible. You know how to use your charm to get what you want.

You have a passive approach and this makes you stand out. Despite seeming naive, you are quite in control of most situations. In fact, your flirtations can be very successful once you've got your mindset on someone.

However, you do have to remember that there are some boundaries you can't cross - don't zoom in on the partner of a friend.

Aries: Irresistible Warrior

here's what kind of vixen you are, based on your zodiac sign

Of all the star signs, the Aries woman is the most fierce and tenacious. Mars rules you and it shows. That doesn't mean you're masculine, but your fire is bright and you like to get straight to the point.

You can be minimalistic but your sense of identity can't be shaken. Aries ladies are firm, strong, and unapologetic.

Despite being happiest when independent, you need to open up and allow others into your life.

You can rely on yourself without leaning on others, but that makes you alone. Try to think about others a bit more and soften your warrior-like heart just a little bit.

Partners love how strong you are but showing vulnerability will make you completely irresistible to them.