Here's The Surveillance Video Of James Franco Getting Cuddly With A Married Amber Heard In The Elevator To Depp Penthouse

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The footage shows James Franco and Amber Heard in the private elevator, going to the penthouse where the now ex-spouses lived. The footage is from May 22, 2016, and it was presented to the London court in 2020 when Depp sued The Sun for libel.

The video was reposted after Depp testified about Amber Heard's alleged affairs during their marriage. When asked about his suspicious and potential arguments about Amber and James Franco, Depp replied:

"I don't recall, but it's highly likely."

NZ Herald reported in 2020:

"The video was filmed on May 22, 2016, the day after Heard alleges Johnny Depp threw her mobile phone at her, hitting her in the face, which Depp denies. It was just days before she filed for divorce."

The publication further clarified:

"The footage shown in court from the CCTV system of Heard's home in LA [Depp's penthouse] shows her entering a lift on May 22, 2016, at 10.56 pm wearing a long robe and going down to collect James Franco from reception. He enters the lift wearing a baseball cap and is carrying a backpack. Once inside the pair huddle in a corner with their faces away from the camera."

When Amber talked about the video, she said the conversation was "discreet." Heard claimed that James Franco saw her bruised face:

"We were talking, and he was saying to me, 'Oh my god, what happened to you? What the f***?' is what he said to me.'"

Depp accused his ex-wife of cheating with Franco, her co-star from Pineapple Express, and Tesla owner Elon Musk. Musk responded by saying that they became romantically involved after the divorce.

Franco and Musk have declined to testify in the defamation case.

Here is the security footage in question: