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Here's The Real Reason Why Restaurants Serve Free Bread Before Your Meal

Here's The Real Reason Why Restaurants Serve Free Bread Before Your Meal

Have you ever wondered why restaurants start your meal with a complimentary bread basket? It turns out, there's a fascinating reason behind this delicious tradition we all cherish.

Imagine you're on vacation, embracing pure relaxation, and suddenly your stomach rumbles, urging you to find some sustenance. That's when the magical bread basket appears.

Picture soft, pillowy bread, soaking up flavorful olive oil and balsamic or cozying up to a pat of butter. It's an irresistible sight, even if you're attempting to cut back on carbs.


Well, a TikToker recently spilled the secret behind why certain restaurants generously offer us bread at the beginning of our meals, and it's not just a simple filler trick.

Manvir Dosanjh says: "Why do they give us free bread at restaurants?"

"Look at this bread, it's delicious with butter."

"What happens when you eat the bread, [it] spikes your blood sugar, then it crashes. So what happens?


"You want to eat more, you have more cravings at the end to buy desserts. So what do we do instead?"

He goes on to describe his practice of bringing a packet of fiber powder along with him when he dines at the restaurant.

This fiber supplement, he claims, has the effect of slowing down digestion, leading to a prolonged feeling of fullness. Ultimately, it reduces his appetite and the amount of food he consumes.

Here's The Real Reason Why Restaurants Serve Free Bread Before Your Meal

He continues: "I did it, my fiancee did it."

"What happens is my blood sugars are now under control."

"No more cravings, no more bloating. Now, in the end, you don't have to buy desserts.

"You're going to feel better, take care of your health and save money while you're at it."

In the past year, The Guardian decided to explore the intriguing 'free bread' theory more extensively.


Ken Grant, a seasoned expert in the culinary world with more than four decades of experience, generously shared his insights.

He suggested: "I would say that, in some cases, an establishment has a good baker and a great recipe and just want to showcase."

"In other cases, it might be to reduce consumption in an 'all you can eat' situation."

"In other cases, it is simply a delightful pairing to get the taste buds flowing and might induce further requests for other options or courses.


"But I will say: if the bread is not good at the start of any meal, it can easily spoil the entire meal."

Others had different ideas.


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One person wrote: "It's because bread defrosts quicker than the meal."

Someone else added: "Most restaurants in the UK don't do this now, in my experience."

"Bread is now one of the starters listed. Even in places where it appears to be complimentary, you are generally charged for it."