Here's How Vaccines Cause Autism

Here’s How Vaccines Cause Autism

Ready to hear the truth? Well, here it comes.

1. Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

I know this might not be what you expected, and if so, I'm sincerely sorry. But this is the truth. I know your anti-vax buddies have mountains of evidence from Google claiming that vaccinations cause autism. Believe me, I know all about that.

But let's face it, these friends are not a reliable source of scientific knowledge.

2. I Know You Might Have Doubts

That's okay. That's alright. Everybody gets heard here. To support your viewpoint, I am sure you know plenty about research by scientists over the decades showing a link between autism and childhood vaccinations.

But just to reiterate what many of these studies have discovered: vaccinations don't cause autism. You can find that on Autism Speaks.

3. Maybe Autism Speaks Is Wrong

You don't give up easily, do you? It's okay, we can keep going. If opinions based on sound scientific research are no match for your skepticism, then you are welcome to look up the studies yourself and see what they say about the connection between autism and vaccinations. Since we have come this far, I will even tell you that MMR vaccination does not cause autism. How's that for specificity?

4. The Truth About Autism

Some studies have tried to shed some light on how autism develops. They found out that the condition develops before the child is even born. In case you missed the connection, that means autism comes before the child even gets vaccinated.

There is one other sobering truth you should know: because of vaccinations, several deaths and illnesses have been averted.

You are probably saying that vaccination rates are on the decline and there is no crisis. You are right. But give it time. Measles will be back, and so will whooping cough, rubella, mumps, and polio.

With some of these conditions, once they hit you, there is nothing else to be done. Vaccinations or medications can't help.

So, Vaccinations Do Not Cause Autism

You can keep this little bit of info to yourself or share it with your anti-vax friends if you like. They might kick you out though. But if you don't mind that, don't forget to remind them the earth isn't flat.

Don't discourage them from loading up on essential oils though. They will not do a damn thing to help keep measles and polio at bay, but they are very healthy. That's why they are called essential, remember?

In short, get your kids vaccinated and stop the anti-vax madness. Or if you are still unconvinced that vaccinations don't cause autism consider the following question. What would you rather have? An autistic child or a dead kid? Measles can kill you know.