Here's How To Improve Your Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s How To Improve Your Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Okay, we get it. Some zodiac signs are born with all they need to become perfect partners. But as they say, there is always room for improvement.

Well then, let's take a peek into how each star sign can be better in relationships. Check out what yours says.


For starters, getting past your fear of relationships would be a huge leap in the right direction for you. Here's a good plan: take it slow, so you are comfortable with every relationship stage as it grows.

Have a little more patience, and stop expecting instant reactions.

Let your partner open up at their own pace. In the meantime, try to make yourself more open to a lasting relationship.

You are highly driven by success, and that makes you selfish. You can get carried away and focus all the energy on yourself. That's not a recipe for a good relationship. Spare a thought for your partner's needs, dreams, and aspirations.

Attention is a great thing to have, especially when it comes to those we love. But understand one thing, no one can give you endless attention. Trust me. It would even feel suffocating. Sure, work on ensuring the right balance between affection and having the freedom everyone needs while in a relationship. You can make things easier by telling your partner what you like.

And also, stop pursuing perfection. It's an eternally unattainable ideal in relationships. You are not perfect, and neither is your partner. Your primary focus should be acceptance, as you both have flaws. So, avoid attacking your partner and focus on being positive. The last thing you want is to be your partner's worst critic.

You love attention and can bask forever in the undulation you get from your partner and friends. But at the end of the day, the world does not revolve around you. Your partner has a life, and if they cannot give you the attention you need, don't take it personally. So, stop with the jealousy.

You like to show your love, and that is lovely. But your partner can feel suffocated by all that attention. When your partner pulls back, don't sabotage the relationship. I know you think you are very independent, but you are more dependent on your partner than you know. In any relationship, there is a need to have boundaries.

There will be disagreements in relationships. There is no getting past that. But not every argument should turn into a full-blown war. Learn to deal with not getting what you want without getting confrontational. Compromise and sacrifice are the essences of any good relationship. So, watch your words when emotions are high, since they cannot be taken back. You cannot be a ticking time-bomb all the damn time.

As an Aries, you are impulsive, and staying faithful can be a challenge for you.

You are also often overwhelmed by a desire to conquer every challenge in your path. This is part of you, and you cannot change it. So, get your partner to become more adventurous and realize that this aspect of your relationship will mostly be your responsibility.

Be humble. Being an Aries makes it hard for you to accept that you are wrong. You like to go a step further and pin the blame on someone else and are always trying to make others see that you are innocent. Learn to work on this because we all make mistakes. Yes, even you.

You think you are a real catch, and that's good. But don't let it get to the point where you take your partner for granted. Don't blow hot and cold, thinking you are the best option they have. Even if you are, having a jealous or resentful partner is no fun.


Even after years of commitment, your partner can find you standoffish. You have a problem letting people get close to you. You think that will get you hurt. Connecting through touch might not be an issue for you, but you also know that you long for deep emotional connections. But the walls you have built around yourself make this a challenge for your partner. Don't be afraid to let them in. It could be the best thing you ever did.

You don't love easily. Although you are very loving and caring, you can go to any lengths for the sake of your lover.

Your dependability is without equal. No other zodiac sign comes close. There is no hesitation for you. You commit fully and without questions. But that comes from a desire to be needed. But know that this might come off as weakness or desperation to some, and it's something people might exploit. You might even get generous to the point where you resent your partner, assuming they are not gasping for breath, given all the attention you are giving them.

Sometimes, you do things expecting something in return. That is not a basis for generosity. You might end up having doubts about your partner's affections when they do not return the favor. Your partner might not know that you expected repayment for your goodness.

Manipulation is something you can do very well. You enjoy being in charge, and you think a relationship needs someone in the driver's seat for it to keep going. But what you are controlling is your partner, not the relationship. Sooner or later, that never ends well, and they start to pull away. It would help if you were partners, not master and servant. Focus on your mutual needs and not just your relationship goals and needs.

Don't be too stubborn and seek your own way all the time. If your partner disagrees with you, it's okay. You don't agree with them on everything either. Learn to see no as a normal and necessary part of the relationship, ask for reasons if you have to, and learn to see your partner's point of view. Forgive, apologize, and be considerate.

Your partner is not a possession. They are whole and independent. Don't be too possessive or untrusting. Know that they can also decide on their own and choose to be with you.

When it seems like your partner is ignoring you, you become moody. What follows is an outburst or withdrawal. You can say mean things. You should always say what you feel and resist the urge to act in a way that leaves your partner confused.

Change is not your cup of tea. You like what you already know. But a growing relationship brings with it lots of changes. So, learn to embrace them and stop being too serious about everything.

Sorry to say this, but you are way too judgmental. Understand that people are different and accept that your partner can see things differently. Acceptance is something you need to learn for the sake of your relationship.

Although you have an easy time understanding other people's secrets, you use the information against them later on. But that is betraying your partner and your relationship. So, stop using what you know about them as a weapon, and your relationships will have better chances of survival.


You like adventure, and that's okay. But you have to let your partner understand this. Don't go around thinking your partner is holding you back. In all likelihood, you decided that you should tone things down for the sake of your partner, so don't blame them when things don't go according to plan. Talk to them, and they will make you enjoy your adventurous side and still be happy in the relationship.

Sacrificing your social life is not what being in a relationship is all about.

Making these dramatic sacrifices will make you resentful of your partner, even though they did not ask you to do it. So, even as you give yourself to your partner, spend time with friends if you need to, and pay attention to your hobbies and passions, so you don't get bored with the relationship.

You know you like to see the next hot thing, and you notice other people besides the love of your life. But remember that you once saw your partner in that manner, among other potential candidates, but chose them because they stood out among them all. So, don't lose the precious relationship trying to chase other people. You will only set yourself up for regret.

Hurting other people with brutal honesty does not come easily to you, and that makes you dishonest. Sometimes you have to expose the truth, even if it might hurt.

Nothing holds your attention for long. That means you might not give your partner all the attention they desire in the relationship. Learn to make your partner a priority and be there for them.

Your partner's needs matter. So, don't just focus on what you need and forget about your significant other. Even as you run around trying to achieve your goals, remember that you have a partner.

Drama is never far from you. You can easily get volatile when provoked. Yelling and even hurling insults or lashing out physically is something you are prone to do. Learn to take it easy, breathe deeply when highly emotional, and stop being overly sensitive.


You can give up everything for the sake of your partner, but that can be draining. Give only as much as you can afford to so you are not empty and unhealthy. You need sustenance, which means knowing your limits within the relationship, so you don't sacrifice more than is healthy for you. Relationships thrive when both partners are comfortable with themselves and each other.

Often, you will be afraid to speak up when there is something wrong with the relationship. When displeased, be vocal about it so that your emotional needs are understood and addressed by your partner. This might be something new for you, but it is vital within a relationship. Bottling up your emotions will not be very healthy for you or your relationship with your partner.

Also, learn to be vulnerable. Being overly protective of your deepest emotions will confuse your partner. Don't be afraid to show them your vulnerable side. They will appreciate you for it and want to protect it for the sake of the relationship.

When you are hurt, don't pull back or attack your partner. Be open about what you feel, even if it's negative.

Although relationships have arguments and disagreements, they are usually part of the deal, and you have to learn to deal with them in a healthy manner, so you don't end up going at each other's necks.

You often feel insecure and unloved. You seek assurance and can become clingy when you do not get your way. You hate being excluded by your partner. But understand that you are still two separate individuals and that you all need personal time. Don't demand explanations for everything that took place when you were apart. Tracking your partner's every move will suffocate them.

You can easily blow things out of proportion and can act before you think. Understand that there is a limit to the drama some people can take. Not everyone makes a huge deal out of small and insignificant things as you do.

Trust does not come easily to you. Your longing for security within a relationship can get overwhelming. You often think you are not good enough, but learn to get over such feelings. Trust your partner, and don't doubt how much they love and care for you.

Here is the brutal truth: you are too moody. That makes you hard to deal with, and your partner can feel distant from you. Over time, this can get exhausting and cause irreparable damage to the relationship. So, work hard on changing this.

Consistency also matters. Please don't give your partner a lot of attention and then ignore them the next minute. This will seem like you are playing games on them, and that will not bring out the best in them or the relationship.

Although you expect your partner to know who you are and adjust accordingly, you neglect to make the same changes for the sake of your partner. You even use manipulation to get what you want. Being honest about your needs is the best way to get what you want in the relationship.

Stop using your partner to boost your ego. You have insecurities, and so does everyone else. Deal with them in a healthy way. Don't make your partner suffer because of them.


You are always in charge. You decide in the relationship and take responsibility for many of the actions. All you want is the appreciation for your efforts. But this can make your partner feel kept, and this can cost your respect and attractiveness. So, learn to let go of the reigns from time to time. Learn to create some balance in the relationship and let your partner contribute to the relationship. In short, allow your partner to decide from time to time.

Stop with the jealousy too. Your partner cannot give you attention round the clock.

But this does not show the love between you is no longer there. If your partner has passions, support them fully. Also, fight the temptation to stray when you feel you are not getting your partner's undivided attention.

Remember that your partner would like some attention you desire. So, you are not the only person who likes the limelight. Therefore, when it's their time to shine, be there supporting them. The world does not revolve around you.

Pay attention to your partner's needs. Be part of the conversation even if you are not part of it. You should be there for your partner, and pay attention to them as they open up to you.

Work on expressing your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Although you have no problem understanding people's needs, you don't usually care enough to offer any help. However, be more empathetic, and make your partner's wellbeing more of a priority.

You are in love with love and can often ignore the real problems going on in your relationship. You forget that relationships take work. This means taking time to pay attention to what is going on with your partner.

The big ego you have often made it hard for you to forgive, which is an essential element in any relationship. Don't always listen to your emotions, but think rationally and make decisions that make sense.


You have no trouble attracting love, but maintaining that love is an uphill task for you. Being open is a problem for you because you are always afraid of getting hurt. You need to accept that many insecurities we feel are unfounded.

Having to depend on anyone else is the worst thing you can imagine.

You want to be independent. But it's time you understood that depending on someone does not mean you are weak. You can let someone else offer you're their support. In fact, depending on your partner from time to time is great, as it means they have a place in your life.

A committed relationship needs that you become emotionally vulnerable. You should let your partner see your soft side, don't bury it beneath layers of toughness. It's okay to be strong, but there is also a place for vulnerability in a relationship.

Getting upset should not make you unavailable, rude, or vengeful. You should learn to speak up when displeased and understand that there is room for your emotions in your relationships. Your heart deserves to be heard, so learn to express what it tells you.

Your partner can be uncomfortable with how critical and demanding you can be.

Tolerance is important in any relationship. We all make mistakes, and that does not make us imperfect or less deserving. So, be more accommodating of your partner and don't expect more of them than they can offer. Focus on loving them and understanding them.

Focusing on minor details is what you do best, but also learn to see the bigger picture. Being overly analytical will not benefit you and will probably drive you crazy. Stop reading into things like the tone your spouse uses to say something.

Learn to be more considerate of your partner's feelings. So, canceling plans on your partner out of the blues will be hurtful, and it might make them less likely to invite you out later on. But if you have to put off any plans, be honest about your reasons, so there is no confusion.

You should learn to be more spontaneous. You like routines, but life takes more than that. Embrace the concept of living in the moment and going on unplanned adventures. Don't think everything will go to hell simply because you are not in charge.


Your devotion to your partner is admirable. But you are too dependent, and you have decided they are your only source of happiness in life. This is quite a burden for your partner to bear, and it can put a lot of strain on the relationship. You need to find contentment within yourself. So, have more faith in what you can achieve, and you will be fine.

It's nice that you don't want your partner to be unhappy. You live to please. But this also means you often step back and avoid deciding, and can even compromise your own needs in the process. You should learn to speak your mind and stop overreacting to criticism.

You enjoy bringing peace between the two of you.

But this means giving up your own decisions. Learn to make your emotional needs known and don't focus so much on making everyone happy. Learn to assert yourself in a loving way and confront issues as they emerge. Bottling things up will only make you a less ideal partner.

You are such a romantic, and that's not a bad thing. You love beauty and appreciate it, but you sometimes take things too far by seeking perfection. The little details don't pass you unnoticed. See your partner for who they are, not the person you wish they could be. But stop obsessing too much about what everyone else thinks of your relationship.

Just because your ex made you feel undeserving, it does not mean your current partner should pay for it. Stop making comparisons. Don't distrust your partner because you have been betrayed before. Have confidence in yourself. Appreciate the love your significant other gives you.

Finally, don't be afraid to be yourself in that relationship. You are still worthy of love, even without trying to look perfect for your partner. So, don't feel too obliged to do whatever they do or take an interest in what they love. Be real, and you will be happier for it.


You have an unwavering dedication towards your partner. You lose part of yourself just to be one with your lover. But you should be careful about that and hold on to your individuality while also accepting that they have their own personality.

Control issues are a problem for you, because you enjoy wielding all the power.

Don't always try to have an advantage. Your stubbornness, determination, and need to control through manipulation will only ruin the relationship.

Also, stop trying to make minor issues a priority in your life. You cannot control everything that happens to you, and learn to let go so you can focus on what really matters.

Although you keep some secrets, you expect that your partner should be open with you about everything. You even go to unsavory lengths to get this information but don't want to reveal anything about yourself. Outwardly, you seem open, but you never really let people know who you are. This makes emotional intimacy difficult for you because you don't embrace vulnerability. Your partner has to know you inside and out for your relationship to work.

Stop with the snooping and spying around.

It is not necessary to keep checking the messages they are getting or the emails they are sending and receiving to discover some hidden truths about them. Respect your partner's privacy as much as you would like them to respect yours.

Paranoia and intuition are very different things, and you need to respect that. Always being suspicious of your partner is not right, and that will eventually make the relationship break down. Try to think rationally rather than going with your gut feelings. Being jealous and possessive can be very suffocating.

You should not be so unpredictable all the time. You cannot move from being hot and then turn cold in an instant and expect your partner to be okay with it. Keeping your partner wondering what could be wrong with you is very toxic, and that will never make the relationship work out as you intended.

Stop with the revenge. You bottle up feelings, get resentful, and devise plans to get back at your partner. No relationship can work under such circumstances. So, learn to voice your worries and concerns as soon as they emerge, and the frustration and ill feelings towards your partner will not build up to where you mean then nothing but harm.


Commitment, unlike what you think, does not represent a loss of your freedom and sense of adventure. People in committed relationships can have a lot of fun too. In fact, the right relationship is freeing rather than restrictive. And you know that you desire someone who can give you this. You can have them, but you have to let go of your fear of commitment. Take it easy, though, so you easily adjust to this role and enjoy your relationship more.

Inform your partner that the relationship feels constricting when you feel you cannot indulge your love for adventure.

You can even sit together and come up with a list, and working on it together will make you more satisfied with your life and relationship. But also remember that relationships also involve daily routines and unexciting responsibilities. Also, there have to be compromises here and there.

Although you feel like following your wanderlust is the greatest priority, learn to put your partner first.

Otherwise, they could get insecure, especially when your adventures result in flirtations and other things.

Usually, you have a natural instinct to run off when the spark fades. But you should not be in such a hurry to end things or get mixed up in things like cheating. Over time, the desire to look for new and exciting things will fade, and true love and genuine intimacy will take over. Besides, there are many ways to spice up a committed relationship.

You like logic, and this can make you a little insensitive. Don't think every emotional reaction from your partner is an attempt to manipulate you. Everyone loves an attentive ear when they have things to get off their chest.

As a Sagittarius, you don't suffer people of a different mind patiently.

But that needs to change. Only seeing things from your angle makes you seem arrogant.

Although it's okay, to be honest about the good and bad in the relationship, learn to be more tactful with your criticisms. You should not blurt out the first thing you feel like saying when things go bad. Compose your response so you can convey the truth without hurting your partner.

It's nice that you like to show your affection in actions and not just words. However, don't completely ignore the need to offer your partner verbal encouragement every once in a while.


Your career and your work take precedence over your relationship, and that needs to stop. Your partner needs the same attention as well. Relationships don't run by themselves. It takes effort from all partners. So, try to nurture the bond you share with your partner by creating more time for them. Learn to have a good time, and as you pursue your goals, keep your partner close, and the relationship will be more fulfilling.

Your relationship is not like a business. So, stop running it as such.

Learn to let go and give your partner room to contribute. Also learn to let things unfold naturally.

Drive and ambition are natural for you, but you are a little overbearing. In your attempt to make your partner achieve their full potential (according to you), you put excess pressure on them. You even use manipulation. But you have to learn how to take things easy because not everyone sees things the way you do.

Your partner is not your child. Treating them in that manner will only offend them and push them away. Your partner is an adult, and you should learn to respect them and their decisions. Their only purpose is not to cater to your needs.

Don't think you are always right, even though it feels like it.

Your view on things is not always correct. So, learn to accept that you can sometimes be wrong. Almost anyone hates losing: it's not just you. But losing is part of life and admitting defeat is a valuable skill you should learn to embrace.

Learn to value empathy over your own personal goals. Have compassion in what you do and the manner in which you deal with your partner. Don't let your personal ambitions turn you into a cold and heartless partner.

You might think concealing your emotional issues and dismissing them makes you look healthy. But it does not. If anything, this undermines your emotional health. That will eventually impact your relationship.

Accept that you don't know everything. So, stop speaking down to your partner or being condescending.

Learn to forgive, although it does not come easily to you. Also, learn to let go of the past. Digging up issues from the past to win an argument is never good for a relationship.

You can get imposing and aggressive and are often guilty of trying to make your partner do things your way. But relationships go further when there is mutual respect. So, have respect for your partner's perspectives.


Relationships are not usually so easy for you, as you can seem cold and detached, or even contemptuous. You focus too much on what is going on inside you, and that makes it hard for you to be there for your partner. Be more welcoming of the attention your partner gives you and try to give them the attention they expect from you.

Emotional intelligence, unfortunately, is not your strong suit. But you can work on this and learn to understand your partner better. Not everything can have a logical or intellectual solution. People have complex feelings and emotions. So try to be empathetic instead of trying to think of an answer all the time.

You are often guilty of not paying attention to your heart. Instead, you focus on what you can think and imagine. Work on this.

Also, your emotions are valid, and you should give them a voice.

Don't bottle up your feelings, as this causes the coldness and insensitivity people sometimes see in you.

Also, understand that you are not as complicated as you think. People can understand you if you give them a chance. So, let your partner know the real you if they are interested. That is how you build connections that make relationships last.

Know when to ask for help. This boils down to being able to communicate properly.

You don't have to struggle with everything yourself. In fact, relying on your partner from time to time will strengthen your relationship.

Finally, don't be too rigid. Regardless of how right you feel, don't be too hard or stubborn. Sometimes, you can soften your position if you realize that your partner will get hurt by your stand. In other words, learn to open-minded, and your partner will find it easier to relate to you.


In relationships, learn to stay grounded because you struggle with that. You often get lost in your fantasies, and that can deny you a chance to form lasting connections in the real world. Try to be realistic with your partner, the life you share should be your greatest fantasy.

Also, stop drawing parallels between life and what you see in theaters. There are no ideals in real life. Not everything can be romanticized, and sometimes s**t happens.

It's a blessing to have a partner like you, someone who is so affectionate, nurturing, and full of admiration for your partner.

But it cannot be all about your partner. In fact, this can suffocate them and drain you emotionally. So, find other interests and explore your hobbies.

Furthermore, learn to communicate more. I know you like to be quiet, distant, or aggressive when displeased, but that does not make it obvious to your partner what's ailing you. You are very intuitive, yes, but not everyone is. So, accommodate your partner and communicate more.

You cannot run from fights all the time. You might be sensitive, but sometimes, arguments come, and you have to be part of them for the sake of your relationship. Unresolved issues ultimately ruin relationships.

Be assertive. Trust me, it's okay.

You have a place in that relationship, and you should work on getting it. You can be too generous sometimes. Be smart with your generosity for your wellbeing, which also directly affects your partner's wellbeing.

You enjoy being the hero, and that's great. But don't overdo it. Your partner can also save themselves sometimes. It's not always on you, so don't be so hard on yourself.

Finally (and don't take offense), you need to know when to shut your mouth sometimes. You can go on and on, especially when something is wrong. But pouring out all the details of your love life to a friend whenever something is wrong might sabotage the relationship, eventually. Think of what will happen when they hear the awful things you said about your relationship in the heat of the moment.

Also, how can you expect your friends to be supportive of you and your partner when all they hear is how bad things are? You are guilty of keeping the good news to yourself and spreading the bad word far and wide, and that can put your relationship at risk.