Here's How Strong Women Win Against Narcissists

Here’s How Strong Women Win Against Narcissists

Crossing paths with a narcissist is without a doubt one of life's greatest challenges. Many people are simply not equipped to deal with this toxic kind of person, and their lies can take a nosedive as a result. However, while narcissists can make easy victims of everyone else, the strong woman manages to win against them.

One of the traits a strong woman has is the ability to say no to people and things she doesn't want in her life. Herein lies her ability to keep narcissists and their toxic intentions out of her life.

What's Wrong With Narcissists?

First of all, being selfish is not the only issue narcissists have. It is obviously a big issue, but unfortunately, it is only part of the problem.

A narcissist is also incredibly toxic. Games and manipulation are part of who they are, and they use these twisted tactics to get what they want from people. One thing is true of all narcissists – they cannot be trusted at all.

However, they are good pretenders and liars. Because they know that people would be put off by their true nature, narcissists fake being good and trick people into letting them into their lives and having feelings for them.

They can be charming, yes, but it is just a smokescreen to keep you from seeing the terrible human being that lies deep within. Deep down, their true intentions are to make you their prey so that they can use you and destroy you for their own gain.

The narcissist doesn't have the ability to admit to their mistakes, as they don't ever see themselves as being in the wrong. Everyone else is to blame but them.

But Not Everyone Is A Fool

There are people out there who would never tell a toxic person from a good person if they had labels on them. Some people can spot a narcissist from a mile away. Others might require a little more time to recognize a narcissist.

A strong woman is not easily fooled, and she will know that she is dealing with a narcissist right away. She can easily spot malice, and she will not waste any of her precious energy trying to impress a toxic person. As soon as she understands that someone has bad intentions towards her, she will cut all ties and get them out of her life.

How Does She Do It?

First of all, a strong woman won't be a victim. She stands up for herself every time. She knows this is not just important for her, but for other people as well. After all, being a victim affects even those who care about you.

She will even go a tad further and expose the narcissist for who they are because she would like others to learn that they are dealing with a toxic person. A strong woman does not fear a narcissist. In fact, she will challenge this person because she does not fear him.

Since narcissists are very devious, they will try to play the victim when challenged, but a strong woman will have none of it. She will never play along and fall for their traps. At the end of it, she will terminate all contact with a narcissist and completely get him out of her life.

The truth is that handling a narcissist is never easy. Even strong women find it to be a bit of a challenge. However, the only difference is that a strong woman will never invest her emotions in toxic people, and will instead use her energy to expose them. A narcissist is pretty ill-equipped to break down a strong woman's iron defenses. They lose every time.