Here’s How Every Man Pushes Away The Woman Who Wanted To Be “his”

She has made you her priority, but instead, you treat her like an option. That is a perfect recipe for losing the woman you could never replace in your life.

Every time you put a distance between you and her when she has committed to choosing you every day you are together, you are about to lose her.

Making her overthink and doubt will make you lose her a little. Every time you lie and play around with her emotions, you will get that much closer to losing her forever.

Yes, the woman who wants nothing but to have you and you alone will be gone forever whenever you refuse to make a commitment to her and give her your heart.

Each time you leave an empty feeling in her, you are getting closer to losing her.

If, to you, she is just a solution to your selfish emotional and physical needs, then you are surely losing her.

When you simply walk out of her life and then come back as if nothing happened, then you are getting closer to losing her.

When you raise your voice and tears run down her face because of you, you are getting closer to losing her.

Playing mind games and ignoring her calls and texts to see what she does in addition to playing with her emotions will only result in your losing her.

If you are always blowing hot and cold, you will eventually lose her.

If all you are doing is pretending that you like her but don’t like her enough to make a commitment, then you are on your way to losing her for good.

When you let her be the only one who fights for the relationship, then you’ll lose her.

As long as your beautiful words don’t match your actions, you are getting closer to losing her. She will get tired of your sweet words and frustrated that they never match your actions.

When you fail to treat the woman whose only intention is to be with you the way she deserves, you will be getting closer to losing her to someone who sees her worth and treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

When you make the woman who adores you concerned about your love for her by not answering her calls, then you are on your way to losing her for good.

The day she decides that she cannot take it anymore, you will lose her and she will walk away. And she will be gone for good with no chance of coming back when she realizes that you have no intention of going after her.

She will leave as long as she finds no reason to stick around.

When that moment comes, you will eventually realize just how much she was worth to you. Except for one thing – it will be too late to make her come back into your life.

You will have lost the woman who would have brought joy into your life for good, and it will be all your fault.