Here Is Why You Should Never Be Sorry For Being Too Clingy

Here Is Why You Should Never Be Sorry For Being Too Clingy

You should never be sorry for being too sweet or too attached, or even too caring.

Just because you text regularly does not mean you should apologize. There is nothing to be sorry about when you reply too fast or take too long to text your response.

Being honest about your longing to spend time with your partner or wanting their attention should not be a reason to make you feel ashamed either. Just because a message from you keeps arriving on their phone does not mean you have something to be sorry about. Never be sorry for telling them how much they mean to you or for tagging them on those posts and memes you love.

You should not be sorry because you initiated a talk or took too long to respond. Don't feel bad because you hear them out and then act with passion while they don't have the same reaction. Never say that you will never be like that anymore. Trust me. You are not to blame that you feel a bit hurt that people cannot do the same things you can do for them. You are not weak, and there is no reason to start doubting your self-worth.

You Are Important

You don't do all this out of desperation, dear. It is just that you know how to express your love. For you, it is all about letting people know you love and care about them. It is a rare gift to find someone who knows how to express their feelings. It does not amount to being clingy, and you should not change. So, if people walk away because you came onto them a little too strongly, then let them.

They will not get far before they miss your 'craziness.' The open love you showed them is something they will desire. They will even desire to see it in other people, but they will in all likelihood get disappointed in the process. All the texting and calling you to do that seems to bother them too much right now will be something they long for. They'll wish they had someone who cared about what is going on in their lives, calling to see how their day was. But at that time, they will not have someone they can open up to because you are the best listener they had in their lives. They will wish that you tagged them in photos like you used to. They will not help but keep checking to see if you are thinking of them by texting or trying to get in touch. In an instant, your worth will be apparent to them. They will see how much they took you for granted and how much more you were worth.

They Will Miss You Deeply, But It Will Be Too Late To Do A Damn Thing About It

It will not be you regretting that you are no longer with them. They will be the ones feeling sorry that they let you go. You were a gem, and you gave them your love without holding anything back. But they took it for granted and that will kill them on the inside. They will know they lost a part of you they can never have anymore. Except that you learned, and you know that there is no coming back. It's not that you changed. You got tired and freed yourself of the people who did not see your value.

You Deserve Better

All you need in your life is someone as clingy as you. Someone who knows the value of your presence. You should seek someone who does not think of you as a bother. The best person for you is someone who puts in as much work into the relationship as you do. Someone who gives you as much love as you give them.

Therefore, you have no reason to apologize for being clingy, sweetheart. If people leave because of that, understand that it's because they are not the right people to have in your life anyway. The right person is on the way, and he will love that you are clingy.