Here Is Why You Should Date A Woman Who Has No Filter


Honest girls without a filter can make incredible girlfriends. While our lack of filter may be intimidating at first, it means you'll always get the most authentic version of ourselves. If you can handle our candor, you may just discover that we're the best partner you've ever had. Here's why:

1. We're Honest To A Fault

You never have to worry about us deceiving you or sugar-coating the truth. We don't keep secrets, and we don't say things just to make you feel good. You'll always receive 100% pure honesty from us. If that's too much to handle, it's not our problem.

2. We're Wickedly Funny

One of the consequences of not having a filter is that we've had to cultivate a corresponding personality. Many girls who lack filters are humorous, charismatic, and the center of attention. It's difficult to be completely transparent without some levity to balance it out. You'll have the pleasure of experiencing our wit and humor throughout our interactions.

3. There Won't Be Any Games

We don't engage in manipulation. We express our thoughts and feelings directly without any ambiguity. There's no uncertain back-and-forth or questioning whether we're attempting to manipulate you. With us, you'll always know where you stand, and you won't have to work hard to uncover the truth.

4. We're Faithful

Those of us without a filter believe in being straightforward, even when it's harsh. Our honesty stems from our loyalty. We don't have a tendency to cheat because we don't hide our feelings when we're unhappy. We remain faithful and forthright in our communication, even if it's uncomfortable.

5. When We Love Something, We Love Hard

When we commit to something, we are fully invested in it, and that includes our commitment to you. Our lack of filter means we are unguarded and transparent about our emotions, which can be intimidating. However, there are numerous benefits to being with someone who is honest and open about their feelings. It encourages you to be more truthful with your emotions, and you can rest assured that our affections for you are genuine and deep.

6. We'll Talk About Our Past

We will openly discuss the reasons why our past relationships failed, the valuable lessons we've gained from them, and the behaviors we aim to avoid repeating. We won't omit the parts that may portray us in a negative light. Transparency will be our guiding principle, offering you an unfiltered view of who we are. This approach is ideal for those seeking a committed relationship as it provides a comprehensive understanding of our compatibility and potential obstacles we may encounter.

7. We'll Tell You What We Really Think

You won't have to investigate what's wrong or why we're upset because we'll always communicate openly in our relationship. If you require constant validation, then a no-BS girl is not compatible with you. However, if that's the case, we're not wasting our time on you either.

8. We're Not Hiding Anything

We have a no-ex and no-mystery-text policy and expect the same from you. If you find it challenging, take it as an opportunity to improve yourself and recognize why you hide or avoid addressing issues. We'll support you to grow as an individual.

9. We'll Try Not To Be Rude

Being honest doesn't justify being impolite. Though we may occasionally make mistakes, we understand social manners and will do our best to adhere to them. Our straightforwardness does not make us cruel, and it might even make us more empathetic. If you accept that no one is flawless, you won't be too embarrassed by us. We promise.

10. We Make Life More Interesting

Life is more enjoyable with a no-BS girl as your companion. We'll always make you laugh and push you to be better. What could be more exciting than that?