Here Is What You Need To Know About Dating An Ice Queen


I've been labeled an "ice queen" and a "mean girl" more times than I care to admit. Although I acknowledge that I have a tendency to be harsh at times, it's important to note that I also have a kind side. Sadly, I know many exceptional women who have been rejected by men due to their abrupt personalities. Therefore, before you dismiss the "Ice Queen" in your life, it's essential to understand the following points...


1. Ice Queens have been hurt. BADLY

Indeed, becoming a cold person doesn't happen suddenly. It requires enduring a great deal of unwarranted suffering inflicted by people who are simply awful human beings. Therefore, if you're in a relationship with an "Ice Queen," it's crucial to recognize that we have been hurt in the past.


2. Still waters run deep

If an "Ice Queen" confesses her feelings for you, it indicates that she has been experiencing intense emotions for a significant period.

3. We build up walls to protect ourselves

If we have proposed to define our relationship, you should feel exceptionally honored. It requires significant bravery on our part to initiate and ask a guy out. While it may be difficult to dismantle those emotional barriers, the outcome is undoubtedly worthwhile.


4. At times, we really don't mean to be mean

Frequently, "Ice Queens" don't intend to come across as cold or unapproachable. If we respond with brief and abrupt answers, it's likely because we're preoccupied with other thoughts. And if we say something that seems hurtful, it's often because we're being straightforward and opting not to soften our words.


5. Ice Queens can make very devoted girlfriends

If you desire a partner who is loyal and won't abandon you when things become challenging, consider dating an "Ice Queen." We don't waste our time on individuals we don't genuinely care about, so you can be confident that our commitment is unwavering.

6. We're capable of holding our own

If you're seeking a partner who can thrive in the real world, an "Ice Queen" is an excellent choice. Our intolerance for nonsense and the ability to command respect often leads us to occupy managerial roles. As the ultimate "Boss Bitches," people tend to fall in line quickly when we're in charge. So, if that's what you're looking for in a partner, don't hesitate to pursue an "Ice Queen."


7. We'll always be a chase

Certain men relish the excitement of pursuing someone they desire. Pursuing an "Ice Queen" is a never-ending, exhilarating adventure that operates 24/7. Be prepared for a thrilling ride.

8. When our Ice Queen side melts, we'll go to the ends of the world for you

It's astounding how much effort an "Ice Queen" will invest in ensuring her boyfriend's happiness. If you're fortunate enough to earn our trust and respect, consider yourself fortunate. We're the type of partner who will remain faithfully by your side.


9. We're the kind of catch that will wow other people

Winning over an "Ice Queen" is no easy feat. We prioritize our careers, possess an intimidating level of strength, and have no qualms about living independently. We're "boss bitches" through and through, which means that people will be just as impressed by our choice to date you as they are with our accomplishments.