Here Is How To Know If Someone Likes You Back Once And For All

It's uncommon for someone to confess their feelings directly to the person they like. Typically, if you wish to determine how someone truly feels about you, you'll have to rely on the hints they give. Fortunately, there are several unmistakable indications that the person you're interested in is also interested in you. Keep reading to learn how to recognize if someone likes you in return, once and for all.

1. They Make An Effort To See You

There is no need for you to persuade someone who has an interest in you to meet up with you. If they genuinely like you, they will want to spend time with you voluntarily, regardless of how inconvenient it may be or how occupied they are. However, if they are anxious about meeting you, they may cancel plans at the last minute. Nonetheless, if someone is attracted to you, they will ultimately make an effort to spend time with you.

2. They Reciprocate Your Efforts

You are familiar with those individuals who read your messages but don't reply? The ones who never initiate contact and make you do all the work? Such people are not romantically interested in you. When someone has genuine feelings for you, they will always match the effort you put into the relationship.

3. They Talk To Their Friends About You

When someone discusses you with their friends, it's a strong indication that they have feelings for you. Consider some of the chats you've had with your friends about someone you fancy! While you can't possibly know what their friends have discussed with them, if their friends behave oddly or repeat things they've said, it's an encouraging sign.

4. They Have A Deep Interest In You

When someone has romantic feelings towards you, they usually demonstrate a profound interest in you that surpasses the bounds of friendship. They listen intently to you when you speak and ask questions to understand you better. In some cases, they may even inquire about you from other people. This level of keen interest is a clear indication that their emotions towards you are not merely platonic.

5. They Want One-On-One Time With You

It's perfectly normal to desire some alone time with the person you're attracted to. If the person who has feelings for you is also your friend, they may attempt to find excuses to be alone with you outside of your friend group. For instance, if they spot you alone at a party, they may seize the opportunity to come over and sit with you. Whether you're friends already or not, they'll seek out any opportunities to spend time alone with you, without the interruption of other individuals around.

6. Their Body Language Shows They Like You

Body language is a significant indicator of a person's genuine feelings, even if they don't explicitly express them. Mind Body Green suggests that there are several body language signals to observe that could imply that someone has strong feelings for you. For example, does the person lean towards you when conversing with you? Do they make direct eye contact with you or gaze at you when you're not paying attention? Do they look for small ways to touch you innocently? These nonverbal cues are all indications that they have secretly developed feelings for you

7. They Always Laugh At Your Jokes

Laughter and humor can be influential in bringing two individuals closer together. Someone who has developed feelings for you will often find themselves laughing at all your jokes, regardless of whether they're humorous or not. They wouldn't want to reject you by not responding with laughter. Moreover, they perceive laughter as a chance to subtly connect with you and demonstrate their interest. If they feel confident enough, people who like you will also attempt to make you laugh. According to Bustle, this is a common indication that someone has stronger feelings for you than you may have thought.

8. They Go Out Of Their Way For You

When someone has genuine feelings for you, they will never consider any effort too much. They will willingly inconvenience themselves just to spend time with you. For instance, they may travel far to meet you for a coffee date or attend a party where they know you'll be, even if they're not fond of parties. They won't hesitate to put in extra effort if it means getting closer to you. However, those who act as if being around you is a burden are not the right people for you.

9. They Act Like They Like You

In general, determining whether someone likes you is straightforward. If their actions suggest that they like you, then it's likely they do. Conversely, if their actions suggest that they don't, then take it as a sign that they don't have feelings for you. However, there may be some exceptions. For instance, some people may play hard to get or be too timid to express their feelings. Despite this, most of the time, if there are signs indicating that someone likes you, it's safe to assume that they do.

10. They've Said They Like You When You've Asked Them

Ultimately, if you have strong feelings for someone, it's often best to just be honest and tell them how you feel. This way, you can quickly find out if they feel the same way about you or not. Even if their response isn't what you were hoping for, it's better to know the truth so you can move on or work towards building a friendship without any hidden feelings.