Here Is How I Manage To Stay Hopeful About Love Even Though Dating Has Been A Disaster So Far

I once believed that discovering love was an organic process, but my experiences have exposed me to the peculiar ordeal of seeking a genuine relationship. As I entered my thirties, finding someone whom I can envision dating, let alone developing affection for, has become immensely challenging. Despite the turbulence in my romantic life, I remain optimistic that I will eventually encounter my ideal partner. Here's how.


1. The alternative isn't any better

I could express bitterness about my unfavorable dating experiences, but that wouldn't serve any purpose. Pessimism won't attract the kind of partner I desire, and it will only make me feel worse. Therefore, I prefer to maintain a positive outlook and keep hope alive. Time will proceed, regardless of my relationship status, so I choose to remain optimistic.


2. Positive attracts positive

It's natural for me to desire a partner who exudes happiness and positivity, but such individuals are unlikely to be attracted to someone who perceives themselves as cursed and undeserving of love. The truth is, I could encounter a potential partner at any given moment, and I certainly don't want to unwittingly repel them with my negative disposition. Positive energy is infectious, and that's the kind of vibe I wish to radiate.


3. Dating hasn't been all bad

Although I haven't yet found my lifetime partner, I've experienced some incredible relationships that I wouldn't exchange for anything. Yes, they didn't last, but that doesn't diminish their value. Not everyone discovers their soulmate in adolescence and lives happily ever after, and honestly, that route likely wouldn't have sufficed for me either. Consequently, I appreciate the exceptional relationships I've encountered thus far, and I eagerly anticipate what the next one will bring.


4. I'm more likely to meet someone if I keep trying

The only certain way I'll remain perpetually single is if I deliberately choose to do so. As long as I'm actively pursuing romantic prospects, it's likely that I'll eventually encounter my ideal partner. Abandoning all hope would entail disregarding handsome men on the subway, abstaining from putting myself out there, or forgoing online dating, and I can't conceive of reaching that level of indifference. While I may fluctuate in the amount of energy I invest in dating, I'm confident that I'll always remain receptive to potential opportunities.


5. I'm genuinely fine being on my own

Enumerating the advantages of being single could fill an entire article, as I've always been content with doing many things solo. While I'm at the stage where I crave a significant other, it doesn't negate the reality that I'm self-sufficient and capable of finding joy on my own. I don't require a romantic bond to begin living my life to the fullest, so it's easier for me to shrug off a disastrous date and progress to the next prospect.


6. All it takes is one

The world houses an extensive populace, and despite how it may appear, a significant number of individuals are unattached and in pursuit of love. After all, why would there be so many popular movies and songs devoted to the subject of love? People genuinely adore love! Although several obstacles can arise and complicate matters, I'm convinced that if I prioritize seeking love, I'll eventually discover it. Ultimately, I don't need to fall in love with multiple people. I only require one suitable match, and that's entirely feasible – even if it means embarking on 100 more dates to uncover them.


7. I try not to take every date so seriously

Pursuing a long-term relationship while dating adds extra weight to every match, text, and initial meeting. It's tough to evade the notion of "Is this the one?" and simply cherish the moment for what it is. Nevertheless, each date that I attend helps me become increasingly at ease with the entire process, thereby reducing my anxiety for the more promising dates. By now, I'm confident that I possess qualities that make me an excellent catch, and that's what truly matters.


8. Every experience helps me grow

Every date I attend, regardless of the outcome, serves as a valuable lesson that helps me understand myself better and what I'm seeking in a partner (or sometimes, what I'm not seeking). When I eventually meet someone I want to pursue a serious relationship with, I'll be equipped with better communication skills and will undoubtedly value what we have even more because of the challenging journey I went through to find it.


9. Settling just isn't an option

I won't compromise my standards just to avoid being single. I believe it's better to be single than in a bad relationship. By holding out for the partner I deserve, I'm keeping hope alive. I'm willing to stay single until I find what I'm looking for, no matter how long it takes.