Here Are The 4 Major Personality Types (Analysts, Explorers, Sentinels, & Diplomats)

Here Are The 4 Major Personality Types (analysts, Explorers, Sentinels, & Diplomats)

Have you ever stopped to think more about your personality and how it affects your life and career choices? You should, because knowing yourself goes a long way in ensuring you create a better life for yourself.

According to research, there are 16 major personalities, and they fall into four major personality types. Find out where you belong today.

1. Analysts

here are the 4 major personality types (analysts, explorers, sentinels, & diplomats)

There are four personality types that fall under the analyst's category: architects (INTJ), logicians (INTP), commanders (ENTJ), and debaters (ENTP). This group consists of creative people, some of whom lean towards perfectionism.

The architect is an imaginative planner and a strategic thinker. Architects do their best as investment bankers, executives, financial advisors, and economists.

The logician has an insatiable need for knowledge in addition to being an innovative inventor who likes to solve problems independently. That's the reason logicians shine as financial analysts, programmers, and even professors.


Commanders have a strong will and are full of imagination that helps them forge new paths. As natural leaders, commanders prefer authoritative roles as management consultants, research analysts, or even lawyers.

Debaters are smart and innovative thinkers who are excited at the opportunity of getting into an intellectual challenge. Since they love persistence and being non-conformists, debaters tend to take on roles such as entrepreneurs, politicians, directors, and even developers.

2. Diplomats

here are the 4 major personality types (analysts, explorers, sentinels, & diplomats)

Diplomats come in all forms. We have advocates (INFJ), mediators (INFP), campaigners (ENFP), and even protagonists (ENFJ).

The mediator personality is founded on altruism and kindness.

Advocates, on the other hand, are usually quiet and mystical. But they are also idealists and their ways can be quite inspiring. They include the likes of Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, and even Nelson Mandela.


Protagonists stand out for their charisma, and they can have you sitting on the edge of your seat with their amazing stories.

As for campaigners, you will get enthusiasm, creativity, and a reason to keep laughing.

At heart, diplomats are about creating connections between people. Their greatest joy has seen people who were not getting along working together. They also like helping people rally around a common goal and achieve something amazing.

This skill requires lots of emotional intelligence and patience. Diplomats have to understand others as much as they understand themselves. That makes them great at offering incredible insights into human nature.

Many diplomats claim to prefer deep conversations to cheap small talk. Yes, these guys want to go deeper.

A diplomat also likes to think of a prosperous future, and how good things can be as opposed to how good they are. In short, these folks are dreamers. At least that helps explain why they like jobs that require creativity as opposed to rigid procedures.

3. Sentinels

here are the 4 major personality types (analysts, explorers, sentinels, & diplomats)

Logisticians (ISTJ), defenders (ISFJ), executives (ESTJ), and consuls (ESFJ) make up the sentinels.

The logisticians are practical and reliable, and they make decisions based on facts. They also love responsibilities and commitments, and they mainly work as accountants, government employees, or auditors.

Defenders, however, are devoted and cordial protectors, and they will not stand by when a loved one needs to be defended from anything. The defenders tend to be modest. But they are also very determined to help others, which is why you will find them working as teachers, librarians, or customer care representatives.

Executives are usually great administrators. They excel at managing others or things in their lives. They make great judges, lawyers, or even an insurance sales agent.

Consuls are unusually caring and social, and they will always jump at any opportunity to help out. Great nurses, social workers, and sales representatives tend to be consuls.

4. Explorers

here are the 4 major personality types (analysts, explorers, sentinels, & diplomats)

Explorers include virtuosos (ISTP), adventurers (ISFP), entrepreneurs (ESTP), and entertainers (ESFP).

Virtuosos have mastery over all kinds of tools, and they are usually confident and realistic experimenters. They choose action over words. That's why they like working as pilots, civil engineers, physicians, and even economists.

Adventurers, however, are usually full of charm and are incredibly flexible. They never shy away from exploring and experiencing new things if the chance presents itself. Their love for helping people also stands out, and their career choices include therapists or fashion designers.

Entrepreneurs tend to be smart and full of energy. With their deep and unique perception, they don't mind living on the wild side. Also, given their pragmatism and excitement, they easily excel during crises. That's why they tend to be so good as sports coaches, investors, or even bankers.

Entertainers, on the other hand, tend to be spontaneous and full of energy and enthusiasm. You will never get bored around an entertainer. They are usually full of excitement and joy that usually rubs off on those around them. As for careers, they love being actors and interior designers among other things.

Now you know personality types exist. But what's more important is knowing where you belong if you are not finding the satisfaction you desire with various aspects of your life.

So, in a way, this might be the personality test you need to understand what makes you tick. This guide can help you find out the way you prefer to work, and the best career choices for a person like you.