Here Are The 20 Types Of Lovers You Will Meet In This World

Here Are The 20 Types Of Lovers You Will Meet In This World

Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of lover you are? What about the lover you are with? It's an interesting subject, wouldn't you agree?

People are easy to understand, but figuring out who they are as lovers is something else entirely.

Obviously, some lovers are very compatible, but others are not. For instance, a relationship between two control freaks is bound to have some sparks. And not the romantic fuzzy kind.

A selfish lover, likewise, might not work out very well with someone who always needs care and attention.

So, let's get down to it. Here are 20 types of lovers you can find in this life.

1. The Loyal Lover

This lover will stick with you as they are satisfied in your relationship and will not stray even when the chance presents itself.

2. The Compromiser

This kind of lover will easily give up anything to make you happy or keep the relationship going, which makes them appear as if they have no dreams or aspirations. That means avoiding arguments and fights.

3. The Actor

When around them, they will look like they really care. They are always asking if you are fine, but they don't back their words with actions.

4. The Jealous Lover

This has nothing to do with your lover being jealous of your relationships with other people but being jealous of your achievements. They want to have what you have. Period. They are practically your competition.

5. The Overlooker

These lovers will put up with anything rather than try to change you, despite how much they hurt. You can cheat and abuse them and they would not bother trying to make you turn things around.

6. The Giver

Usually, this lover feels inadequate. So, they make up for it by giving and giving.

7. The Brooding Lover

You better give this lover some space, or you might piss them off. Even when happy, they seem bothered.

8. Controlling Lovers

At first, you might not notice you have this lover, because all you can see is how loving and caring they are. But eventually, you will feel suffocated by their 'requests.'

9. The Helper

With this lover, be ready for your fair share of criticism and support, all in an attempt to make you a better partner. They will focus all their energy on making you attain your dreams and aspirations.

10. The Taker

First, these kinds of lovers enjoy being in charge so that things can be done their way. They see their willingness to stick with you like all the contribution they can make towards the relationship.

11. Material Lover

The title says it all. This lover cares about luxuries and material things, and they couldn't care less what you do behind their backs as long as you meet this need.

12. The Drama Seeker

Calmness is never satisfying for this lover, they want something new and exciting all the time, good or bad. With this lover, brace yourself for lots of petty fights.

13. The Selfish Lover

For this lover, holding back is what they do best, unless they stand to gain something from doing something for you.

14. The Enthusiastic Lover

No boredom for you when you are with this lover, but expect some mistakes to be made as they explore new experiences.

15. The Pleaser

These lovers are always finding ways to please you, you lucky duck. Call it unconditional love.

16. The Passionate Lover

This lover is always ready for a roll in the hay, and cannot survive a life without sexual intimacy.

17. The Straying Lover

Easily bored, this lover is a headache to have. They are always looking for someone else.

18. The Doubter

This lover stays in an eternal state of distrust. You have to try extra hard to earn their trust and make them happy.

19. The Possessive Lover

This lover will have a hard time trusting you.

20. The Romantic Lover

This lover will woo you and sweep you off your feet with broad romantic gestures to show you how much they love and care for you.

Now that you have seen the list, what kind of lover are you? What about your partner? It's worth knowing the sort of lover you are, just to make the relationship stronger.