Here Are The 10 Different Types Of Narcissists: Learn To Spot And Avoid Them

According to experts, there are over half a dozen different types of narcissists. You might be surprised to learn this, but it might explain why you have such a hard time spotting a narcissist until it’s too late.

Narcissists don’t like to hear people call them narcissists; at least not most of them. This denial has made this personality trait practically impossible to diagnose in clinical settings.

For some of these individuals, a little camouflage has allowed them to escape our keen notice because they seem quite harmless.

But a narcissist is a narcissist, and you should avoid these people as much as humanly possible because they will add no value to your life.

Narcissism is a front people use to hide their insecurities and lack of self-esteem. It’s practically impossible to have a healthy relationship with this toxic person. In the end, what they truly care about is themselves.

Unlike what most people think, some narcissists are not grandiose and outspoken, as we are about to find out.

1. The Vulnerable/Covert/Closet Narcissist

different types of narcissists

This kind of narcissist is a lot harder to spot, but it does exist and is just as dangerous as other types of narcissists. As with any other narcissist in existence, these guys believe they are better than anyone else in the world.

However, they never want the world to know that they think so highly of themselves. That is why they are so difficult to spot.

They are shy and humble. But what sets them apart is the fact that they are extremely sensitive to what other people think of them.

Their classic move is playing the victim, and they often succumb to depression and thrive off the attention they get for it. Deep down, this person can’t care about anyone else, and dealing with them can be very draining.

A relationship with a vulnerable narcissist is very codependent. And they seek out people who can provide for them and put up with their endless demands for attention. 

2. The Toxic Narcissist

This narcissist will cause a storm of drama wherever he/she goes. The singular purpose of this person is to cause pain and disruption in other people’s lives, and he/she can never feel at peace unless someone is suffering.

When involved with this person, you have to give them endless attention, and if you can’t, they will quickly introduce you to their bad side. You can get hit and abused if you cross them, and your life can be turned into a living hell.

3. The Malignant/Antisocial/Psychotic Narcissist

different types of narcissists

This person would never do anything for anyone else’s benefit. They simply don’t give a damn about anything but themselves, even if the whole world turns against them. 

They will easily fly off the handle, try to destroy things or people, or do other bad things to feel better about themselves.

Malignant narcissists can get violent, and they are usually very unstable in relationships. Any comment that doesn’t please them comes off as an attack and often gets a vicious response.

This person is also extremely self-centered and has little regard for others or what they might think of their behavior. It can be extremely difficult to deal with this person.

This narcissist is unstable and aggressive, and they feel no remorse for their actions. Some of them even end up as killers because they don’t know how to control their negative emotions.

4. Pro-Social/Communal Narcissist

different types of narcissists

To the public eye, this narcissist is a good person. But to those who know him more closely, especially in a romantic manner, the person is a total monster.

In fact, this person can be very charming and desirable to the rest of the world. But that’s just a cover for who they really are.

Their partners get the worst of their toxic behaviors, and the problem is that it’s hard to convince anyone else they have a bad side. 

A pro-social narcissist still wants gratification and praise, but they will do good deeds to get it. And they might demonstrate something akin to empathy, but only to win you over and get your validation.

5. The Seductive Or Sexual Narcissist

This narcissist gets off charming people with their sexual moves and dumping them as soon as they have ‘won.’ Full of charm, these people will go to a lot of lengths to win over their target victims, but once they get what they want, they will have no further use for you.

Also, these narcissists seek sexual admiration, like to brag about their sexual prowess and try to seek praise for their skills.

6. The Bullying Narcissist

types of narcissists

This narcissist loves bullying as much as they love obsessing about themselves. They love feeling superior, and their go-to option to achieve this feeling is to tear others down.

This narcissist will often threaten, mock, and insult other people and try to win at all costs. As long as those around them feel bad and undeserving, they are okay.

That’s what motivates them and keeps them going.

7. Somatic Narcissism

types of narcissists

These narcissists obsess over their bodies and judge other people harshly based on how they look. They feel stronger, more beautiful, and more physically fit than other people, and they will often value and respect people based on their looks.

8. Cerebral Narcissists

different types of narcissists

Unlike somatic narcissists, cerebral narcissists believe they are smarter than everyone else. They thrive on making others seem dumber, and they will never lose an argument.

They would rather give up the relationship than put themselves in a position where another person feels more intelligent than them.

9. Spiritual Narcissists

Although these narcissists can use “spiritual acts” to appear good and sensitive, their ultimate goal is to make the world see that they are holier than everyone else.

They also use their spirituality to manipulate others and get their way. To them, spirituality is also a means to justify their terrible actions towards others.  

10. The Exhibitionist Or Grandiose Narcissist

Some people are not afraid to let the world know who they are, even when they are terrible human beings. Exhibitionist narcissists fall into this category.

Calling this person a narcissist is not an insult to them, and they actually make sure everyone knows who they are and what they are about. For this reason, they are openly arrogant and selfish, and they often have many explanations for their self-centeredness.

They enjoy the spotlight, and they don’t care that they get it by offending everyone around them.

In the end, regardless of the type of narcissist that walks into your life, the only thing you can count on when you get into a relationship with a narcissist is a disappointment.

Their needs will always be more important than yours, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

So, learn how to spot all kinds of narcissists and save yourself from the pain these people can bring into your life. Avoid getting into unhealthy relationships with them. Also, understand that some narcissists might straddle two of these 10 major subtypes.