Here Are Reasons You Should Stop Looking For A Job

Here Are Reasons You Should Stop Looking For A Job

I know, I know. You went to school, graduated and went to college, and got your degree or diploma so you could get a good job that helps you live the life you always dreamed about when you were little.

Believe me when I say I understand all that. But allow me to explain to you why you would be better off not going after that job.

1. You Will Be Free

Running your own hustle gives you a lot of freedom.

You can schedule your hobbies and time with the family more easily. But when you are answering to a boss, you have to make your work life a priority over your family or other personal interests.

2. Jobs Make You A Puppet

When you go to work, it's not just completing the tasks you have to worry about. You also have to suck up to your bosses and do whatever they ask without objections.

Otherwise, they will bring in a replacement, and you will be out in the streets looking for another job.

3. Your Time Off Gives You Nothing

You are paid by the hour, and that's fine because there are many of them in a week. But the moment you leave, your earning potential is also gone.

If you had your own business, it could still make you money even when you are away. Also, you don't have to check out because nobody schedules the shifts for you.

4. More Time For Friends And Family

A 40-hour workweek means you split your time equally between work and family. That is usually not enough time for personal matters.

But when you have your own thing, you can work a few hours a week and spend a lot more time with your loved ones.

5. Jobs Have Unstable Income

This is true for most jobs. And I will admit that doing your own thing can have an unstable income too.

However, with a job, there is little you can do to improve your situation. Your boss can demote you, cut your wages or even relieve you of your duties over the most ridiculous issues.

When running your own business, there will be low seasons, but you always have the means to bounce back or start over.

6. You Will Have Less To Complain About

Employees complain about some workplace issues for months or even years before they are fixed. That makes work somewhat miserable for them.

But when you have your own business, you can make changes where you feel they are needed without having to pray and hope someone else does something about it.

7. You Stop Begging For Money

Some bosses suck, and they will make you beg for your income and feel grateful that they are even paying you, even though you have made them a lot of money.

When you have your own thing, you pay yourself as you like without having to beg anyone for your salary.

Many people are proud to have jobs. And it's understandable because jobs put the food on the table.

But if you want to aim higher, look beyond getting a job and focus on starting your own business. Once it takes off, you will be glad you aren't enslaved to a nine-to-five schedule.