Here Are 10 Ways You Are Attracting Toxic People Into Your Life

Here Are 10 Ways You Are Attracting Toxic People Into Your Life

Let's take a poll, guys. How many of us have dated toxic people? I don't think we have to see the results to know that only a lucky few have escaped this trap.

But let's forget that for a moment and take some time to consider the other end of the spectrum. These are people who seem to date one toxic person after another.

If you are among them, this article is for you.

You seem to be a magnet for damaged people who can only spew toxicity wherever they go.

So, what's the hell is going on? What are you doing wrong?

In a world full of friendly people, why are you always ending up with so many toxic time-wasters? The answers you are looking for are right here. Today, you find out the truth.

1. You're Admirable

Yes, you are amazing and decent and full of love. So, should you attract people just like you? Not necessarily. Toxic people hope to be like you one day, especially when they know how bad they are. And just like that, they are drawn to you, hoping your enviable qualities will rub off on them.

2. Too Much Empathy And Compassion

Toxic people have a grotesque lack of compassion and empathy, although they enjoy it from others. They mill around you, knowing that they can play the victim and you can empathize with them.

3. Being Too Nice

Being a decent human being is no crime, but being too understanding and polite with everyone makes you a perfect landing ground for toxic people and their issues. In other words, you make an easy doormat, and toxic people need that.

4. You Gave Up On Love

When you want love in your life, you distance yourself from toxic people. But once you give up, you let anyone in, including toxic people. Granted, toxic people need you more than healthy people do. So, when you lower your standards to let them in, they will pursue you earnestly.

5. You Are A Good Listener

Toxic people are very egotistical. They can go on about themselves for hours, and it helps to have someone who can listen to them round the clock. What you might not realize is that giving your time to these people makes you absorb some of that negativity.

6. You Trust Everyone

When you meet someone new, you think they are good and innocent until proven otherwise. And many toxic people usually appear charming the first time you meet them. So, your attitude gives them a way in before you notice their toxic tendencies.

7. Your Sense Of Self-Worth Is A Little Lacking

When you lack enough love and confidence in yourself, you turn into an easy target for toxic people. You regularly forget who you are, and you explain other people's bad behaviors.

8. You Enjoy Fixing

Most people don't bother. But you go to a lot of lengths to make people better. You like to think you can bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, you are not the first to try, and most likely, you will not be the first to succeed.

9. You Have Problems With Boundaries

Giving comes naturally to you, although you often overlook your needs for other people's sake. That makes you easy prey for toxic people in need of someone they can take for a ride.

10. You Hold On Longer Than Necessary

Toxic people like people who can put up with their bullshit. Obviously, but while most people let go of them as soon as their true nature surfaces, you hold on thinking they will change. Big mistake. They never do.

Don't be a magnet for toxic people. Don't try to make everyone happy. Yes, it's noble, but it can't be done. So, the next time you end up with a toxic person, don't waste time. Let them go and move on with your life. You will be happier that way.