Her Betrayal Was My Blessing

Her Betrayal Was My Blessing

In a storm of troubles when no one is there to fix you, you fix yourself. Once life tested you hard and you got back on your feet you just want to scream "victory". So when you see people down, you rush to help them, because nothing is worse than to see someone you care about down.

I decided to help one of my friends from the past who wasn't feeling good. Yes, I showed up in her life again. I really thought she was fine but I was wrong. A lot of bad events happened to her at the same time. She lost her father, her now ex-boyfriend cheated on her after a 10 years long relationship, and to make matters worse she lost her job. She was so down and heartbroken, that's why she lost her smile. All these events can leave you with some deep scars in your heart. And if you don't have anybody around to help you, it can be very easy to fall into depression. So there was no way I would give up on her.

I wanted this girl to get back on her feet, I wanted her to have her self-confidence and her smile back. So I made sure to not put her down mentally or physically. I tried to find the right words at the right moments. For example, I always complimented her about her physical appearance, and I told her jokes to make her laugh again. She moved to another city where her friend gave her a job. She was so excited, it was her first victory. Yes, she was ready to conquer the world.

People can change at every moment

Once she was back on her feet and had her confidence back, everything changed. This friend who I thought was an angel all of a sudden changed into a demon. She started to put me down mentally and physically for no reason. Every day she got worse with me. She didn't care about hurting my feelings. All this time, I was the only one who took care of her when she was down and when she was crying. I was the only one who helped her but it seems she forgot about that. Her complex superiority showed up, something new for me.

I even planned to see her before she acted so stupid. But when her behavior changed she told me to not come or she was about to treat me very badly. Yep, that was her ugly words. Later, I found out why she put me down. This so-called friend had an affair with a married person at work, that's why she didn't want me to be around! Her recent attitude and maybe her past changed her into the worst person I've ever met. I will never regret to see someone back on their feet, but once they destroy you from the inside, you just wish you had walked away in the first place.

Be careful about whom you let into your heart

Any person can turn into an enemy. Yes, you think you know them but you don't. You become blind because you always want to see the best in people. I've never let anybody put me down as badly as I let her. I let her into my heart because I thought she was a good person. I wished I didn't cross her path but we can't go back to the past. I'm pretty sure about one thing; I won't do the same mistake twice. Her betrayal was my blessing, yes, because she opened up my eyes to two things. If you help people and they start to put you down just leave them without thinking twice. The second lesson is to not trust people completely.