Helltown In Ohio Is A Haunted Place Deserving Of Its Name

Helltown In Ohio Is A Haunted Place Deserving Of Its Name

This abandoned city is now colorfully known as Helltown in Ohio. It is apparently teeming with crybaby bridges, killer school buses, mass human sacrifice scenes, and even mutant pythons. If anything, the folklore surrounding the region is pretty extreme.

This area was formerly known as Boston, Ohio. However, the story of Helltown in Ohio is ironic since the only true legend about the town turns out to be a very tragic story. The town was deserted for a very frighteningly sad reason.

Helltown in Ohio was founded in the 1800s. It was Boston Village's original claim to fame as it was standing as the oldest village in Summit County. The relatively uneventful life of this little town took a turn for the worse in 1974. At this time, it became the unlucky victim of nationwide anxiety over the country's disappearing forestland. The solution for this would prove to be the downfall of the people living in this area.

President Gerald Ford signed a bill that gave the federal government's National Park Service jurisdiction to expropriate land to establish National Parks. The NPS decided that Boston Township, the Helltown in Ohio, would be the new home for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. They began buying the properties of its longtime residents. This is how the story of their decline started.

The History Of Helltown In Ohio

Helltown In Ohio Is A Haunted Place Deserving Of Its Name

Helltown in Ohio is now home to six or seven different legends. This had led this area in Boston Township in Ohio to be grouped as one large haunted site. Thanks to the extensive overgrowth, which creates a dark, cursed-like atmosphere, this could be seen as the place where ghosts, cults, Satanists, and even serial killers were said to lurk.

Helltown in Ohio is the nickname given to the northern part of Summit County. This area is associated with the legends in the Boston Township and Boston Village and portions of Sagamore Hills.

These areas were first settled in 1806. Boston Village stands as the oldest village in Summit County. The construction of the Ohio and Erie Canal brought loads of people to the region in the mid-1820s. The area was flourishing when a railroad station was constructed in the town. The station was named Boston Mills.

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In the late 1960s, a nationwide movement that expressed concern over the destruction of the forests called for more National Parkland. This is why in 1974, President Gerald Ford signed the NPS legislation that enabled them to purchase land and use it to create national parks and reservations. On December 27th, 1974, hundreds of acres of Helltown in Ohio were officially designated a National Recreation Area.

At this time, many supported this movement. However, they would soon realize that this legislation allowed the federal government to buy homes and land right out from under current owners, with no warning. This meant that once a plot was purchased, they could order the residents to move. They would be forced to relocate.

This was a tragedy for the residents. They had lived their quiet lives in the village far from the name Helltown in Ohio until they were suddenly uprooted. The government came stomping through their small town and told them to leave. This had caused a mass evacuation, as the Cuyahoga Valley National Park would swallow the entire villages and towns.

Helltown In Ohio Is A Haunted Place Deserving Of Its Name

The residents of Helltown in Ohio had said that they had learned how the Indians felt when they were driven off their lands. The movement that was supposed to be for the good of the country had forced them to a mass exodus. The saddest part of this story is that the area was never converted to a park. Even today, it sits quietly abandoned, with residents having left ages ago for, it turns out, no reason at all.

There was another considerable scandal that occurred 11 years after the town was shut down. After the NPS had acquired the Krejci Dump in 1985, several park rangers who patrolled the area would complain of falling ill. Some of the rangers developed visible rashes all over their body. This has caused the site to be investigated.

What they discovered was horrifying. Several companies were illegally dumping tons of toxic waste in the area, and it was deemed a superfund site as a result. The NPS has since 2015 been working on thoroughly cleaning up Krejci, and the true extent of the environmental damage inflicted on the land is still not known.

The Strange Happenings

Helltown In Ohio Is A Haunted Place Deserving Of Its Name

Since the area of Helltown in Ohio was left to nature a long time ago, without a living human being near, it is no wonder that many legends sprung to life here. There are various myths and actual events that made this area of Boston into the Helltown that it today is. You can take your pick of why the place in Boston Township, Ohio, carries such an ominous name.

Since NSP took the area, all the roads leading to Helltown in Ohio closed. There were two roads running through Helltown, both now labeled as dead ends even though you can watch them continue into the distance. A legend that sprung around the roads says that local Satanic cults put up these signs to keep people out of their secret hideouts.

The Stanford Road, one of the main roads of Helltown in Ohio, is sometimes referred to as The End of the World, or Highway to Hell. Since it is a twisting, dangerous road with a very sharp incline, it looks as if you would be driving off a cliff in the distance. Some stories indicate the road itself is evil. Apparently, it is known to take possession of your vehicle, causing fatal accidents.

Helltown In Ohio Is A Haunted Place Deserving Of Its Name

The legends say that if you park your car at the end of Stanford Road, you may meet your gruesome fate at the hands of the strange people who still patrol the area. Be it demons or a cult. It is not a good spot to camp overnight.

Since the area was closed down, the people would, of course, ignore the signs and venture into the desolate town of Helltown in Ohio. The photos they would put on the internet were of messages drawn, scribbled, and carved into the houses. The town looked like a ghost town.

Like every small, haunted town, Helltown in Ohio also had a crybaby bridge. Rumors circulated that if you parked on the bridge leading into town at night, you would hear babies crying in the forest. Sometimes tiny handprints would be found on your car windows and the hood.

In addition to the actual horrors of mass evacuations and toxic land poisoning of Helltown in Ohio, some urban legends were associated with the land.

Helltown In Ohio Is A Haunted Place Deserving Of Its Name

There was a legend about a Presbyterian church founded by Satanists. In truth, the church was just a regular house of worship that got broken into by some vandals who decided to decorate the place with occult imagery, but the legend stuck.

When you ventured into the church, you could see upside-down crosses and Satanistic graffiti painted on the walls of the church for a long time.

There was also an abandoned bus in the area that was thought to be home to restless ghosts because they had to leave town in such a hurry.

Because of the chemical dump, legends soon sprung about the mutants roaming the area of Helltown in Ohio. For example, mutant pythons were supposedly slithering around the grounds. This had become an iconic legend of the area that the surrounding area residents still celebrate Python Day.

Is It Legal To Visit Helltown In Ohio?

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It is not technically forbidden to visit Helltown in Ohio, according to the Criminal Law of Ohio. This is an area in a national park area, so you should be free to visit. This is ironic because the park was the reason why people were forced to abandon the site.

Currently, some people still live outside of the designated national park area. It is a little over 20 miles outside of the Cleveland area. This makes it close to civilization and convenient.

However, if you are visiting, take note: all the supposedly haunted buildings were torn down in 2016. Most of Helltown in Ohio is now part of the national park. The area was left to nature, and nothing haunted remains to be seen here.