He'll Regret Taking You For Granted After You Do These 6 Things

He’ll Regret Taking You For Granted After You Do These 6 Things

Manipulators, narcissists, players and other jerks have something in common: they know how to take people for granted, especially those who shower them with unconditional love. It's just who they are because as long as their needs are met, other people's don't matter.

Women know how to give and give and even compromise their own happiness in the process.

But this is not the way things should be. You should get as much love and care as you give to your partner.

But you know what they say: you never know you had a good thing until you lose it. And so, here are ways to make that disappointing guy understand that he's about to lose a good woman.

1. Lay Down The Law

Setting rules is not enough. Make sure you follow them. The rules should be based on his behavior, with the goal of clarifying that you will not tolerate any mistreatments going forward.

Once he realizes you have no room for his bullshit anymore, he will have no option but to change to keep you around. This will be justified because it will be your best chance of staying happy despite the ill treatment he gives you.

2. Have Dignity

Chasing him makes you lose your dignity in his eyes. So, stop begging for his attention or making him think you are so drawn to him you can't resist him.

Have some personal pride. Don't allow yourself to chase anyone because you deserve better.

3. Let Him Know About His Bullshit

Don't let it slide when he does something awful. Women have a tendency to keep quiet and tolerate bad behavior, but that needs to stop.

So, if you see that you don't like his behavior, make him know about it instead of keeping it to yourself. Don't let him think you don't care how he treats you.

4. Clarify That Someone Can Take His Place

Let him know that if he doesn't make an effort, you can find someone who will. If he doesn't answer calls or messages, then stop calling and messaging him.

If he can't be there for you when you need him, don't be there for him either. And if he doesn't try, then stop trying so hard to please him.

5. Don't Make Too Much Effort To Please Him If He Doesn't

It's nice having someone you care about to go the extra mile to make you happy-especially if you know they would do the same for you. But if he does not do this, then you have no obligation to put so much effort into pleasing him.

Seeing this change will make him wake up and realize he has to be nice to get the same treatment in return. Don't stand for his selfishness: period.

6. Make It Clear You Can Do Without Him

Oftentimes, a guy treats you like crap because he feels that he is your only choice. But you have to make him understand that he's not the center of your universe to put this behavior to a stop.

Start having fun without him and he will realize that he does not have such an important role in your life that you can't do without him. And that will make him realize how much he needs you and how badly he might regret losing you.

If there's something to learn from all this, it's that you should never allow someone to treat you badly if you are making them happy. You deserve better, and he should know this or lose you to someone more deserving of you and all you can offer.