He'll Be Back In Your Life When You Stop Thinking About Him

He’ll Be Back In Your Life When You Stop Thinking About Him

You have this amazing guy that you deeply love to bits. You're always caring, always by his side trying to be the best friend you can be, and you've accepted him with all his flaws.

As the good and caring girlfriend you are, you wish the best for him, motivate him all the time, console him and are there for him even when the world seems to be against him. Yes, you may have options, but you chose to stick to him.


Then one day he decides to walk away from you. He didn't appreciate how much you loved him, the sacrifices you made for the relationship, or even the fact that you hung in there while others cared less. To him, you simply weren't good enough.

This definitely brought you to your knees. It tore the innermost core of your heart. You felt dejected, rejected, embarrassed and it possibly shattered your self-esteem. In fact, rather than blaming him, you started blaming yourself and being too hard on yourself. You questioned what you did or didn't do wrong.


To heal your shattered heart, you'll spend days and nights crying. Every day you'd look out of the window or wait to see him walk through the door. You are willing to welcome him with open arms yet you know he doesn't deserve you.

Many people would say you are crazy to want him back after he put you through all the pain, anxiety, and feeling of self-unworthiness.

Over time, however, you come to terms with reality. He isn't there anymore. And although you think about him less and less as the days go by, your heart may be ready to forgive him. You believe that when he comes back he'll be there to stay. He will have realized his mistakes and is back because he truly loves you.


Sadly, when that time comes, it probably will be too late.

While he destroyed your self-esteem, he did improve your self-worth. You gave him the power to soar high and loved him. This gave him a sense that all other women will do the same for him. He will meet many out there, and just like you, he'll start to forget about you over time.

However, he'll soon realize that you were special and that your love and care was real. The only way to heal the void in his heart is by being with you. He'll begin thinking about you while regretting why he let you go. And to make amends, he'll be back to continue where he left at.


However, it'll be too late.

While he was away, you developed a stronger sense of self-worth, became more self-aware and you also dealt with the heartbreak and pain. He became a distant memory and you got over him. You moved on and strongly believe that "Buried things are best left BURIED."

Be watchful nonetheless —Even though you'll have told him that you moved on, he won't simply give up on you. In fact, he'll work twice as hard to convince you that he has changed. He will blame his immaturity, confusion, worries on "YOU", and other things for doing what he did. But this time around, he will assure you that he'll never hurt you again.


Believing what he tells you is the biggest mistake you'll ever make. The truth is that he hasn't really changed but wants what he believes he has lost. It doesn't mean he'll love you if he didn't love you earlier. It doesn't mean that he'll be more supportive.

Yes, you do deserve a second chance. But not with him. You'll never be able to get back what you lost. And it'll be foolish to try and convince yourself otherwise.


When your man returns (believe me, he will), don't even think about giving him a second chance. Let him be but a memory and don't even look back.