Heidi Klum Discusses Controversial Lingerie Photo Shoot Featuring Her Teen Daughter


Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni's lingerie modeling have definitely grabbed people's attention. But for Heidi, what matters most is their strong mother-daughter connection and the confidence Leni gains from these one-of-a-kind experiences.

Leni Klum's mom, Heidi Klum, has shown her appreciation for their "wonderful relationship" and explained her decision to do lingerie photoshoots with her.

Last year, when pictures from a modeling campaign featuring the 50-year-old model and her eldest child, 19-year-old Leni, were shared on social media, they triggered a strong negative reaction.

They were seen showcasing lingerie in posts for the brand Intimissimi.

In May of this year, Heidi and Leni promoted a new lingerie brand on Instagram.

Once more, they were spotted posing together in promotional photos while modeling lingerie.

The photo shoot apparently faced some criticism back then, similar to the duo's previous posts promoting lingerie.

Their collaboration had previously faced criticism for being deemed "inappropriate."

Someone on social media reportedly found the recent pictures to be "strange," while another person allegedly expressed feeling "embarrassed and sad" for Heidi in similar comments earlier this year.

Meanwhile, on the America's Got Talent show, Heidi has shared her thoughts on collaborating on modeling projects with her daughter Leni.

She talked about the experience during an interview with the Daily Mail as part of her promotion for the NBC talent competition.

After saying that it had been "fun," Heidi continued: "To do photoshoots together with her and just to see how she's just very comfortable and also comfortable around me even when we're doing underwear shoots or something like that."

The model, who has graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Sports Illustrated throughout her career, added that she feels "proud" of her daughter for having the confidence to pose alongside her in photoshoots.

She shared: "It makes me proud that my daughter is super comfortable in her skin also in front of me and around me because not every kid is in the world." Heidi concluded: "So, I love that we have this beautiful relationship."

Last year, Leni had previously addressed the criticism when speaking to PageSix: "I am overall happy with the campaign and I had an amazing day with my mom. I think the photos turned out great." She added that Heidi is an "inspiration".

There's no denying that choosing a career in modeling as a mother-daughter team stirred up curiosity, intrigue, and, of course, some criticism.

Their unique collaboration, where they pose together in lingerie photoshoots, pushed against traditional norms and sparked lively discussions within the fashion world and among the public. But amid all these debates, Heidi and Leni have stayed committed to their shared passion.

We should recognize that the fashion and entertainment industries frequently deal with controversies. Models, celebrities, and public figures often become focal points of discussions related to body image, representation, and their own personal decisions.