Weird Story

'Heartbroken' Boyfriend Dumps His Girlfriend After Finding Out That She Was Born Male

‘heartbroken’ boyfriend dumps his girlfriend after finding out that she was born male

Alex, a 20-year old man from Sydney, thought that he found everything he wanted when he laid eyes on a 25-year old woman. She was stunning, and he thought that their connection meant something.

However, a couple of weeks later, he was left heartbroken after a friend shared something about his one true love—something that he had no idea about.

The Ugly Truth

'heartbroken' boyfriend dumps his girlfriend after finding out that she was born male

Everything was working just fine. The chemistry between them and their relationship was great until someone revealed a skeleton in the closet. Something that would ruin their budding romance.

"A shared companion of our own, he'd been family companions of our own for quite a long time, since I was pretty much nothing. Furthermore, what happened was, we were out one night, I got back home with him, he was somewhat flushed, and he let me know: "Look Alex, presently I've been concealing something from you as is your better half. I think you have to know since I believe it's off-base, and I can't leave you imagining that this is an extraordinary, fair relationship"."

What Lies Between Us

Alex admitted - he found out that his better half had gone through a 'sex change' at 18 years of age.

"At the point when I discovered, actually I dropped, I didn't trust him from the start, it was blended feelings, at that point I actually didn't trust him," he said.

"So when I defied her, I really discovered her pills, I discovered her estrogen tablets… I just dropped, I felt cool, I felt irate, there was numerous feelings in one go."

Is Love Blind?

"I didn't feel anything extraordinary. It seemed like ordinary sex. At the point when I went up against her, she was crying, she didn't have the foggiest idea what to state," Alex said.

Alex mentioned that he was truly enamored at the time when all this happened. And that he 'never would have picked her' if she was a transsexual lady who he thought was a 'strong seven and a half.'

"Be that as it may, when you're seeing someone, figure you could have trust, and toward the beginning of the relationship, she should've been forthright and let me know."

"You must have that trust toward the beginning yet to not utter a word, give me probably some kind of known about the past however, in no way like that was said."

"It causes me to feel debilitated. I'm as yet shattered. I feel misdirected… I feel that is a major lie for me, simply kind of phony what your identity was and to not say that initially."

Closure Is Inevitable

He mentioned that he even met her family while they were romantically involved.

"I met her family, yet she had revealed to them she had let me know," he said.

"So they thought I had acknowledged it. I feel like she must've been frightened to let me know or see my response."

Even Hearts Take Time To Heal

A couple of weeks after the painful break-up, Alex said that he needs some time to heal. And it probably will take some time until he can love again.

"I haven't addressed him, I'm as yet irate at him – I haven't addressed both," he said.

"I just genuinely need time away to think. I've been having a break from everything. I miss her a tad. I simply don't have a clue."

At this point, he said that he didn't want any contact with his ex or with their common friend that revealed the truth.