Hearing How Much You Mean To Someone Sometimes Really Matters

Hearing How Much You Mean To Someone Sometimes Really Matters

Hearing "I love you" from someone you love can change your day. But hearing "you mean the world to me" on top of these three magic words can make you very, very happy.

Let's be honest. What matters more in this world than being loved and recognized by those we care about? It's what gives life meaning.

But some people think wanting to hear such words makes you seem weak, desperate, or insecure. The truth is very different. These words show that you are a normal human being who wants to give and receive love.

And in any case, this is not the only way you can show someone you love them. Besides words, there are other things to let the person you love know you cherish and care about them.

Words Count For Nothing If There Are No Actions To Back Them Up

All words mean something when they are put into action. If you are loving, then your words will sound like music to the hearer. Otherwise, they would arouse questions and doubts.

Additionally, these words mean more when you can feel that the person makes you feel the same way.

The funny thing about feelings is that they sometimes need to get validated to mean something. So, "knowing" that someone loves you is not enough. Hearing the words or seeing the evidence of this in some other way really helps.

Sure, hearing every damn day how much someone cares and loves you can feel like a meaningless routine after a while. But when said once in a while, these words mean something when spoken.

A relationship that completely lacks in these words is inevitably headed towards ruin since doubts and fears will creep into it.

Words do not just reassure your partner that you still value and treasure them. They also re-energize and inspire. Hearing a loved one tell you how much you mean to them when you really need to hear those words can give you an amazing energy boost and motivate you.

Such words also make you happy and satisfied with life. They also give your relationship greater strength and iron out any differences that might have been arising between the two of you.

So, never tire of telling your partner "thank you", "you are the best" or "I love you" when the occasion calls for it.

And It's Not Just Your Lovers Who Need To Hear This

Yes, even your friends and children appreciate hearing these words. Kind words of appreciation and care mean a lot to kids since they get so much negative feedback for their antics.

The words can really boost their self-confidence. Without them, they grow insecure and lack self-assurance because the world around them never gives them any sign that they are doing anything right.

Similarly, adults who grew up without hearing such words can really appreciate hearing them, especially from people they adore like their loved ones.

We Are Emotional Beings

And sometimes, emotions change and we doubt where we stand with those we love. That is why there is no limit to how many times you can tell someone you care about them.

Let the people you love know that you do, especially when they need assurance from a loving and kind person.