Healing Crystal Dildos Are Here To Help Your Magical Place

Healing Crystal Dildos Are Here To Help Your Magical Place

Healing crystals are not just beautiful ornaments, nor are they some new age crap. You most likely know their benefits, so it was only a matter of time until they became an instrument for the ultimate pleasure.

Some choose to tackle the energy of crystals in the form of pyramid-shaped decor or jewelry. One innovative company started doing business in the previously unknown waters of creating crystal dildos.

Chakrubs define the business as "the original crystal sex toy company." All products come from 100 percent pure crystal. Chakrubs obtains its name from Chakra, the Sanskrit word that represents energy wheels. The firm produces handmade dildos made from minerals like rose quartz and pure amethyst, and each provides the respective healing properties.

I have to admit that these toys look lovely. Wouldn't you say they would look great among some fresh flowers? Does that sound strange? Yes, but at the same time, the colors are so vivid and gentle, not many would think these ornaments are actually dildos.

While many people use crystals for better sleep or to deal with stress, crystal dildos promise to heal your vagina. And if you think about it, when you stop laughing, it makes sense. If these rocks can help you improve from anxieties, they might do wonders for your special place.

Chakrubs' official website states that using these engaging toys results in "learning to quiet the mind to feel subtle energies, develop emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awareness. Eventually, accepting every aspect of who you are." While I am not getting that deep into this (pun intended), I can honestly say that it makes way more sense than anything Goop tried to sell us to improve our vaginas.

You can use them as a DIY toy, or to spice things up. Well, I am guessing you know what to do with a dildo. The point is that there's a good chance that these toys have some healing powers. Since they are natural, I approve, based on what we know.

It's not every day that we get a groundbreaking product in the world of pleasure. So if you're curious (I know I am), check out the Chakrubs' Instagram and the official page to learn more.

Additionally, perhaps these crystal toys will help you survive quarantine, without a partner. Also, it doesn't say that men can't use them. Even if these are made for vaginas, you can always try. Maybe it won't make a vast difference, but you'll get pleasure, and perhaps a touch of pain. Whatever floats your boat!