He Was Not My Type Physically, But I Fell For Him Hard Once I Got To Know Him

Initially, we were just fellow students in the same English class, seeing each other on a daily basis. To be honest, I didn't find him particularly appealing at first. However, everything changed when he entered the classroom tardily on one occasion and a strange realization hit me like a ton of bricks - I was actually developing a strong attraction towards him. This sudden shift in my feelings left me puzzled and wondering, "What the heck is happening here?"

1. He had confidence

That day, I suddenly became aware of an alluring quality in his demeanor that had previously gone unnoticed. He exuded an air of self-assurance and ease with himself that was captivating. This new discovery immediately piqued my interest and made him appear much more appealing than I had ever considered before.

2. He wasn't my type physically

My preference had always been for tall and slender guys, so this guy was not my usual type. However, there was an inexplicable quality about him that drew me in. It was a valuable lesson to step out of my comfort zone and realize that there were other types of guys who could be just as intriguing, even if they didn't fit my usual criteria.

3. He was an amazing guy

Although his aura was undoubtedly alluring, there was so much more to his appeal than that. He was a truly exceptional individual, intelligent and engaging, with whom I could converse for hours on any topic. His wit and humor were unparalleled, and he had a refreshingly grounded personality. After spending months enjoying his company, my interest in him grew steadily over time.

4. I fell — hard

Once that initial spark of attraction ignited, he not only looked good on paper but also became even more appealing in person. I was smitten! I went from being content with simply seeing him around to longing for more opportunities to be near him. Even though I had always been laid-back before, I found myself feeling nervous around him. Ugh, it was all so frustrating!

5. He taught me what's really important in a partner

Physical attractiveness holds little value in comparison to the energy and personality that an individual brings to a relationship. These are the qualities that truly define a person's worth as a partner.

6. His personality changed his looks

It's strange how my perception of the same guy changed drastically once I got to know him better. Even though he hadn't changed physically, it was as if he had transformed in my eyes. This phenomenon is akin to how a physically attractive person can appear unappealing if they possess a negative personality. It goes to show that beauty encompasses far more than just one's physical appearance.

7. It was refreshing to want someone who wasn't attractive

Before, I had placed a high value on a man's physical attractiveness. However, this guy taught me that there are many other qualities to appreciate. It's true that many of the incredibly handsome men out there can be problematic, and the attention they receive can cause them to become conceited. It was refreshing to meet a man who was different, someone who didn't rely on his good looks to get by in life.

8. Chemistry can build over time

This encounter taught me that chemistry can develop over time, and it doesn't necessarily have to be present from the very beginning. Despite feeling no initial spark with this guy, my attraction to him grew exponentially over time until it felt like a ton of bricks had hit me!

9. I broadened my horizons

This experience introduced me to a whole new realm of guys that I had never even considered before. I found myself drawn to the fact that this guy was occasionally shy and a bit geeky, and I found these traits endearing. Even though my friends thought he was nice but not particularly remarkable, I didn't mind at all because I was completely smitten.

10. I need a partner with substance

While my friends were out dating guys who enjoyed partying and having fun, the popular and attractive types, I found myself becoming disinterested in that scene. My crush on this guy helped me to realize how badly I needed a partner who possessed substance and depth - someone who was much more than just a pretty face. This guy was incredibly substantial, and that was an incredibly attractive quality.

11. When he broke my heart, it hurt more than ever

After some time, I mustered the courage to confess my feelings to him, but unfortunately, he didn't reciprocate. It stung more than any previous rejections from guys I had been attracted to mainly because I had genuine feelings for him. I came to realize that good looks eventually fade away, but qualities such as honesty, loyalty, and a kind heart are timeless and will last forever.

12. He changed me

It was difficult for me to move on from him because he had brought so much more to my life than just a newfound attraction to a different type of guy. He had unknowingly changed my perception of what I wanted in a partner and what I considered to be essential qualities in someone I choose to be with. This realization was significant and would stay with me forever. With time, I came to understand that even though I didn't get to date him, I didn't lose out. I gained a lot more that would enrich my future relationships.