He Texts Me Every Day, Does This Mean He Is Into Me?

He Texts Me Every Day, Does This Mean He Is Into Me?

So, you're constantly questioning yourself, trying to find out how to tell if he likes you through text. Looking for signs a guy likes you through text might seem difficult, but it's a lot easier than you think.

Men and women aren't that different – and yet, most times, we can't seem to understand each other. Most times, reading a man can be exhausting, especially since boys don't like showing feelings.


But How Do Guys Text When They Like You? If He Texts You Every Day, It Must Mean He Is Into You, Right?

We're in a digital age, and texting plays a crucial role in many relationships. However, trying to understand how he feels through text can be harder than you think, especially since you can't read his body language and gestures.

There's no easy way to say this, but before you check off the box on if he is into you, you need to learn to decipher his text.


Well, there's Good News! It's not rocket science!

We've done the heavy lifting for you, and compiled a list of our top signs to look out for in his text messages.

1. He Texts And Calls You More Than Once Every Day

Most men don't like texting often, but if he texts you more than once every day – just to check up on how you're doing or even give you updates on how his day is going, there's a huge chance he's into you.


The more he texts you, the more he's likely to be interested in you.

Bonus: You can count how many times he has texted you today! As that number grows larger, so do his feelings for you!

Top tip: He may text you a lot; however, you still need to pay attention to what he says in his texts. Many women jump to conclusions that he is interested, just because he texts every day. Sometimes, it's not often the case.


2. You Can Observe That He Notices Almost Everything You Say

How to tell if a guy likes you over text? If you start noticing he takes in the little details, like your favorite spot, or even your dog's favorite dish, he is clearly into you. When he picks up every word you say, he is trying to familiarize himself with your interests.


There's a high chance he's a keeper!

3. He continuously Flirts With You

Most Girls know when a boy starts flirting. He compliments you for the littlest things and tries to impress you. When he flirts often, there's a high possibility he wants you, especially if he pulls out his moves on you.


Top tip: Often, some men flirt naturally with women, so before you conclude that he is into you, I recommend you make sure he is flirting to show his feelings and not just being himself.

4. He Teases You A Lot

You remember your first-grade crush and how he was always all over you, making jokes and pulling your hair? It turns out many men do this too. When he teases you, he wants you to notice him.


5. He Calls You Sweet Pet Nicknames In His Messages

You must have noticed the silly and cute pet nicknames he gives you. This is one of the visible signs he is into you. Friends don't come up with pet nicknames for each other, particularly for men. If he were interested in being just friends, he wouldn't go through the trouble of coming up with sweet nicknames, especially in his texts.


Top tip: Pumpkin, if you are into him too, you can subtly let him know you like your new pet nickname. I suggest you give him one too.

6. He Sends Funny Jokes And Memes To You

Between work, traffic, and your exhausting boss, sometimes, it can be hard to let out a few laughs. Nowadays, your notice he sends you funny jokes he just heard.


When boys do this, chances are he was thinking about you and is interested in making you laugh. When he always wants to see you laugh, you mean something to him, and there's a possibility he may want more than friendship.

Top tip: If you are into him too, you can send him a joke you find funny too. This will tell him you're interested in him too.

7. He Confides In You About Serious Problems

Most people find it hard to talk to strangers about their personal feelings, especially people they just met. If he texts you about a serious problem he is going through, he undeniably trusts and respects your opinion. If both are you are already close, odds are he is interested in taking your relationship to the next level.


Top tip: The trick is – knowing how to reply to him during situations like this. If you choose to ignore his messages or respond late, he may conclude you don't care for him as much as he cares for you. However, if you are also into him, you should try and advise him as thoughtfully as you can.

8. He Sends You A Message When He Wakes Up In The Morning

Waking up to a good morning text can be breathtaking, especially if it's from someone that is into you. When you get frequent good morning texts, it shows you're the first thing on his mind when he wakes up in the morning.


Top tip: If he sends good morning messages and you're also into him, you can surprise him by also sending him sweet good morning messages too.

9. He Texts To Remind You Of Plans You Have Together

When he's into you, he will send you reminders of your plans together. You'll get texts like "are we still on for Friday date night?" or "are you still available for the movies on Saturday?"


If he texts you to confirm plans, chances are those plans are important to him, and he values spending time with you.

If he isn't interested, he won't be too bothered if the plans hold or they don't.

So, if you notice he texts you to confirm if you are still available, he is pretty excited to meet you.

10. He Texts You When He's Out With His Friends

Top tip: Alcohol significantly affects social behavior. After a few drinks, his inhibitions will below, and he'll loosen up more. When this happens, it's possible he texts you. Although alcohol doesn't compel him to tell the truth, if he texts you when he is tipsy – You are definitely in his thoughts.


11. He Shares Videos, Music And Funny Content With You Often

We've given you a ton of things you should notice when he texts you, but if you're still hesitant, you should observe the type of content he sends you.

You can scroll through your text messages; if he is into you, he'll send you songs, videos, and memes he'd think you'd love. Some men can go as far as making you a playlist. Once your text messages turn into a train of music he loves, he is interested.


If he sends you songs that remind him of you, he's trying to spark up a conversation and show off his style.

Top tip: If you also find him interesting, you can send songs you find fascinating. This will give him an in-depth of your personality, and he'll know what you like too.

12. When He Does, You'll Know

There's no simple answer to tell if he is into you, but if he is, you'll know. This answer may seem fuzzy, but this answer should not be underestimated. Does your face flush when you get his notification? Do you get butterflies in your belly when you see his early morning messages? Do you rush and check when you hear your phone ding, hoping it'd be him?


If you can relate to this, then it's safe to say you enjoy his text messages – chances are, he enjoys texting you too.

Although men don't like admitting it, it is pretty apparent when they like someone – they can't hide their feelings as intelligently as women do. So if you want to know if he genuinely likes you, you won't only notice it in his body gestures, you can get it right there from his text messages.


Wrap Up!

Texting can be complicated, and it can be easy to get worried over his choice of words, lack of emojis, or even punctuation marks. As much as his notification on your phone makes you feel flushed, it can also show some of his red flags too.

Although texting you every day shouldn't be an assurance that he likes you – when he wants to learn more about you, responds to your text fast, and takes an interest in your personality. He truly wants you.


Top tip: If you're still puzzled if he's into you? Just pay close attention to his texts.