He Still Hasn't Asked You Out—Is It Time To Move On?


If you have a crush on a guy and eagerly anticipating the moment he asks you out, it's crucial to not overlook these indications that it might be preferable to move on and develop feelings for someone else.

1. It's Been Months Since You Two Started Flirting

It's not uncommon for some guys to take their time to gather the courage to ask a woman out, so don't give up too soon if he hasn't made a move within a few weeks. However, if weeks turn into months and he still hasn't acted on his apparent interest, it's reasonable for you to contemplate moving on. Waiting indefinitely for someone who appears indecisive isn't a sustainable approach to life.

2. You're Getting Hot And Cold Vibes From Him

If he showers you with flirtation one day and then treats you like one of his buddies the next day, it's possible that he's just awkward and unsure of how to behave around someone he's attracted to. However, this type of mixed messaging is an indication that you might be better off pursuing someone who consistently behaves in a certain way towards you. While it's reasonable to wait for someone who is clearly interested in you, waiting for someone who may or may not have romantic feelings or even harbor negative emotions towards you isn't worth your time.

3. You've Explicitly Told Him That You're Interested

Let's face it, we all understand that the thought of asking out your crush and being turned down is daunting. It's amazing that anyone can find the courage to do it at all. However, much of this fear comes from the possibility that the person you're interested in may not reciprocate your feelings. If you've had an open conversation with this guy and expressed your attraction to him directly, he has no justification for not asking you out if he's similarly interested in you. Any explanation he may offer at this point for delaying the invitation sounds more like an excuse than a genuine reason.

4. He's Had Multiple Opportunities And Hasn't Taken Them

Timing can be crucial for some guys. They may prefer to ask you out in a private setting, away from prying eyes and ears, and may feel too old-fashioned to do it over text message. However, if this guy has let multiple ideal opportunities pass by without asking you out, the "perfect moment" may never arrive. It's advisable to pursue someone who seizes their chances when they arise, rather than waiting for an elusive "right moment."

5. It Seems Like He's Only Interested In Sex

It's possible that you may have misjudged this man's intentions. If his compliments are solely focused on your physical appearance or he has tried to engage in sexting with you, it's likely that he's only interested in one thing, and it's definitely not a date. This guy is unlikely to ask you out, and even if he does, it's unlikely to be for the reasons you've been hoping for after waiting for months.

6. You're Not Actually Sure That He's Into You

Consider the evidence: is he genuinely displaying signs of having a crush on you, or is it merely wishful thinking on your part? If you are reasonably certain, say about 90%, that he does indeed have feelings for you, then it's acceptable to wait a little longer. However, if you are uncertain about his sentiments towards you, it's time to move on and develop feelings for someone who reciprocates your feelings. You can't squander your life waiting for someone based on a mere hunch.

7. Someone Else You Might Like Is Being More Forward With You

Ideally, you haven't placed all of your emotions in one basket, or rather, one person, and you remain receptive to finding something genuine with someone else. If you have multiple crushes, and one of them appears more interested in getting to know you, why would you halt your life for someone who's taking an extensive amount of time to act on their feelings for you?

8. You're Starting To Get Annoyed With Him

The thought of going on a date with someone you have a crush on should evoke feelings of anticipation and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, those positive emotions can be replaced with irritation when the person you're interested in seems to be procrastinating until the next astronomical event to request a date. Beginning a budding relationship with a ton of resentment is never a good idea, and if you sense that you're heading down that path, it's preferable to release him and continue with your life for both of your well-beings.

9. You're Only Continuing To Wait Because You've Already Waited So Long

Many people have fallen victim to the sunk cost fallacy, which leads them to remain in relationships (or "flirtationships") that are detrimental to their well-being. Just because you've invested months waiting for this guy to take the initiative, it doesn't mean you should continue waiting even longer to avoid wasting that time. All you would be doing is squandering more time that could have been spent either on your own (and emotionally healthier) or with someone who has taken concrete steps to pursue a relationship with you.