He Said I Deserved Better And Then Turned Around And Became A Better Guy For Someone Else

As our relationship neared its end, he portrayed himself as the root of our issues. He acknowledged that I deserved someone superior to him, and in reality, that was accurate. However, shortly after, he transformed himself into that ideal partner for another woman. What the heck?

1. I Should Have Listened To Him

Although he told me I deserved better, I realize now that I may have misinterpreted his words as a sign of affection. I convinced myself that he was merely lacking confidence and didn't see himself the way I saw him. However, the reality is that he had the capability to be a better partner for me, but he simply didn't prioritize our relationship enough to make that effort. I deserved better, but my feelings for him clouded my judgment at the time.

2. I Knew He'd Move On Eventually But It Didn't Have To Be That Quickly

Despite the significant amount of time we had spent together, he quickly moved on and found a new partner within two weeks of our breakup. His ability to seemingly move on without any emotional difficulty was a stark contrast to the pain and heartbreak I was experiencing. Initially, I believed he simply desired to be single and unattached, but it became apparent that he was seeking a long-term relationship - just not with me. It was evident that he didn't want a temporary break from being a partner, but rather a permanent one from our relationship.

3. It Was Just An Excuse For Him To Be Terrible To Me

Despite treating me poorly, he would occasionally say things that made me feel like he still cared. It's confusing because if he knew I deserved better, then why didn't he treat me better in the first place? Now it's evident that he believes his new partner deserves a better man, which implies that he didn't believe I was worthy of that better treatment. The truth is, he treated me terribly because I held no value to him, and it took me far too long to come to that realization.

4. All I Wanted Was For Him To Make An Effort

The most challenging realization was that he didn't think I was worth the effort, but he believed that his new partner was worth it. I put in so much effort to be a good girlfriend, but he didn't reciprocate that love and affection. As he stopped putting in the effort, my heart broke a little more every day. Despite reflecting on our relationship, I cannot identify what I did wrong, and I continue to question what she is doing differently to receive his attention and affection.

5. He Didn't Love Me The Way That I Loved Him

It's undeniable that he is more deeply in love with his new partner than he ever was with me. Essentially, what he was attempting to convey was that I deserved genuine love, but he didn't feel that way about me. I was more committed to our relationship than he ever desired to be. His breakup statement was a covert way of admitting that he no longer loved me. However, the confusion and aftermath of the situation left me feeling even more broken in the end.

6. I Wish He'd Told Me That I Wasn't The Girl He Wanted

It would have saved me a significant amount of time if he had been honest and straightforward about his feelings. I foolishly attempted to persuade him that he was deserving of my love, all while he couldn't muster the courage to tell me he no longer wanted to be with me. He gave off the impression that he still cared, but in reality, he just wanted to maintain the image of being the "good guy." The right thing to do would have been to clearly and definitively end our relationship and tell me that he was moving on to someone new.

7. In The End, I Was Left Feeling Like I Wasn't Enough

Despite his words, he never made an effort to improve himself for me, but for her, it's an entirely different situation. He seems to believe that she's worth the effort. It felt like he thought he deserved a better woman than me by the end of it all. I just wasn't enough for him, and I couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with me.

8. I Thought He Was Just Scared

I believed that he was afraid of the commitment and that we were perfect for each other. However, it wasn't that he thought he wasn't good enough for me. Rather, he simply didn't want to be the man for me, and that realization made all the difference.

9. He Didn't Communicate Any Of Our Problems Until The Very End

While I was trying to salvage our relationship, he was already giving up on our future without my knowledge. He began to move on while we were still together, instead of addressing our problems. He acted as though everything was fine until he abruptly broke my heart. I was caught off guard and had no idea that I deserved better. I believed he was the better man because, during all the time I was fighting for our relationship, he was pretending that I was "the one" too.

10. I Deserved The Man He Is Now

It's painful to witness how he's completely different with her and to think that he had that wonderful side of him all along. He had the capability to treat me with the same love and respect that he shows her, but in his mind, I wasn't deserving of that. Maybe he does believe that I deserve love, but from someone else, because he didn't want to be Prince Charming, at least not for me.