He Might Not Be The One For You — 8 Signs To Prove It

He Might Not Be The One For You — 8 Signs To Prove It

In the long run, all of us just want to be with the one who will fill our life with happiness and true love. However, if you can decipher and see the warning signs that he isn't the one early in a relationship, you can be saved from a lot of damage. Even permanent damage to your self-esteem as well as your emotional state can be caused. The following are the 8 signs that show he might not be the one for you.

1. The Mobile & Wallet:

Mobile phones and wallets are the most important accessories, especially for male partners that are always with them. You can pick up the phone, and If you find a lot of messy stuff inside, you would know how messed up he is from the inside. If the contacts are in initials or nicknames, then beware, as it might indicate that he is hiding his other girlfriends' identity.


2. Roaming eye:

I am sure no one would appreciate it if your date looks or checks out others while you two are together. It is a disrespectful gesture towards you. If you've seen him doing this, observe when a female passes by and see how he responds with his eyes. You may need to reconsider your decision to go out with this guy again. It's important to feel special and loved.

3. Allowing you to converse:

How gross it is if you start a conversation and your partner interjects midway with something else. If he cares for you, he will let you talk about yourself, your interests, hobbies, or whatever you want, and he similarly tells you about himself too. Someone who is continually yapping about what he wants in his life and out of a relationship without giving much importance to your opinion is indeed a bad sign, signaling you to put up the red flag.


4. The first date upkeep:

I know that the guy is supposed to pick up your tab very often, but what if you end up paying for your date? A worst-case scenario is when you end up paying for your very first date. I am not justifying that if a girl pays, then it is a sin, but if a guy makes you spend on the first date, you need to be on high alert. He might not lead you to it straight away, but instead, come up with flimsy excuses like he has suddenly run out of cash or suddenly realized that he forgets his wallet.

5. Choice of the place to go:


Why is it so important to let the girl decide the place she wants to go on a date? Simple, it is all about her comfort factor, but what if your guy insists that he choose where to go? I would suggest no, not until you have gone out with him 4-5 times already. Without actually knowing him inside out, don't explore new places with him just because he is saying so. Decline flat to his face, or there might be some rather unwanted circumstances that you would have to face. Remember to avoid the surprise factor if he is not ready to share the information about the place to be visited.

6. Are flowers important:

You are expecting he would bring you flowers after you told him about your favorite floral choice, but still no sign of it and it seems as though he is not keen on buying you flowers on the spot. Honey, understand that he is not paying enough attention to whatever you are saying. It is of no importance to him whatever you communicate with him. It seems that you are not a priority for him.

7. Phone calls and texts:


If you don't live together, and you rely on the phone to keep your relationship going, then you might notice the warning signs sooner. Your partner might start avoiding your calls and texts, and when you do speak to them, you might see they don't stay on the phone long or making lame excuses to hang up.

8. Quarreling over petty things:

If your partner seems to be picking fights with you over small non-important things, it could be a sign they are deliberately causing an argument, so you will end the relationship to save them from doing it. Also, you may notice your partner has started to say hurtful, critical comments to you, possibly about your appearance, knowing they are upsetting you.

Just because your partner may be showing some of these signs, it doesn't mean they are going to end your relationship or that he is not the one, but these are big warning signs. It could just say you have some issues that could be worked out. While dating or deciding to date someone, the above pointers would surely help you out.