He May Like You, But Does He Respect You?

It's relatively simple to gauge whether or not a new acquaintance is interested in you. However, a more significant and essential inquiry is whether they genuinely hold you in high regard. You deserve to be with a partner who displays the respect you merit, so it's crucial to ensure that this person exhibits these fundamental indicators before pursuing a serious relationship with them:

1. He asks for your honest opinions

Whether it's politics or deciding on a paint color for his living room, he sincerely cares about your opinion. A man who respects you regards your intellect, and therefore places great significance on your thoughts.

2. He listens to your point of view when you argue

One of the worst traits a guy can have during an argument is talking over you or waiting for his turn to speak, without listening to what you're saying. However, if the guy you're with takes the time to listen to you, especially when things get heated, it demonstrates that he values your perspective, even during a conflict.

3. He apologizes for his actions rather than your feelings

Saying "I'm sorry you feel that way" or "I'm sorry you're offended by what I said" isn't a genuine apology. Individuals who offer such non-apologies typically believe they're incapable of wrongdoing. If a guy makes a mistake and offers a real apology by saying "I'm sorry for what I did," that's the type of person you should cherish.

4. He wants to hang out with you during the day

He doesn't only text you for a late-night hookup. When a guy genuinely respects you, he cherishes more than just the physical aspect of your relationship. He wants to be seen with you in public, spend quality time with you fully clothed, and proudly show you off. This man acknowledges your value as more than just a casual fling, and he's not hesitant to express it.

5. He's sincere

He doesn't use empty flattery to please you. His compliments are sincere, and when he discusses future plans with you, he genuinely intends to follow through. An authentic man doesn't toy with your emotions, and his words reflect that he isn't just looking for a casual relationship.

6. He spends time with you even when sex isn't an option

Does he visit you even when you're unwell or during your period? Does he attend your grandma's birthday party despite not staying the night? If so, that's excellent news - this guy has a tremendous amount of respect for you. He appreciates every aspect of you, not just your physicality, and enjoys spending time with you regardless of whether or not it leads to sexual intimacy.

7. He's honest even when the truth hurts

This means that he will communicate with you (in a gentle manner) if you do something that causes him pain or if you make choices that will jeopardize your future. He will motivate you to end a toxic friendship, even if he knows it will be challenging, because he desires your long-term happiness rather than temporary pleasure. He recognizes that you can handle the truth and are not a fragile princess who needs to be shielded.

8. He doesn't mess with your head

He won't manipulate your emotions or deceive you into thinking that he's committed for the long haul when he's only seeking a casual relationship. A respectful man will be transparent about his intentions, whether it means a lasting partnership or just a temporary fling. He values you enough to respect your wish for honesty, and you can have faith that he's not using trickery to achieve physical intimacy.

9. He compliments you on more than just your looks

Sure, my eyes are lovely, but is that all you've got? While compliments based on appearance are pleasant, many of them are cliche and can be given by any guy who finds you attractive. A man who genuinely respects you will take note of who YOU are and give compliments based on personal details that a stranger couldn't know.

10. He keeps your secrets

It may seem like a sign of respect from middle school, but it still applies in adult relationships. If the guy you're with can keep the things you confide in him to himself and doesn't run off to tell his buddies, he's a keeper. Despite women being the ones with the reputation for gossiping, men can also be big chatterboxes, so it's a significant gesture if he can maintain confidentiality, even around his closest pals.