He May Have Pushed You Away, But Here's How To Get Him Back

Experiencing a shift in someone's behavior towards you from hot to cold can be quite painful. You might find yourself in a dilemma of whether to express your feelings and potentially risk embarrassment, or to remain distant in the hopes that they will change their mind. Deciding how to proceed after being let down can be difficult. Here are 8 suggestions to consider if a man you are attracted to begins to distance himself.

1. Start living your best life…hard

Even if your aim is not to win him back, you should do this for yourself! Simply go out, enjoy yourself, establish objectives, and achieve them - and don't hesitate to flaunt your achievements as you go. Seeing you triumph may make him feel like he missed out on something by underestimating you. No one regrets leaving behind a burden, so be certain that he recognizes the value you bring. Make him desire to plead for your return.

2. Act really unbothered

Displaying clinginess, desperation, and neediness is excessive and unappealing. If you respond in such an emotional state, he will be pleased to have moved on from the drama. However, if you are able to appear indifferent, he will not comprehend why you do not seem to care. It will make him question himself and why he was not significant enough to make you chase after him. People can be baffling in this regard - wanting them back can be a turn-off, but acting like you do not care can pique their interest! Do not question the dynamics, just follow the rules of the game.

3. Give him space but don't totally exit his life

Perhaps he did not reject you completely because he wants you out of his life. He may not even be certain about what he wants. Offer him adequate space to enable him to feel your absence and miss you, but it's crucial to maintain a delicate equilibrium. You do not want to be so distant that you become "out of sight, out of mind" and are forgotten. If he becomes too accustomed to your absence, reintegrating you into his routine might feel like a chore. Be present, but not overbearing.

4. Start seeing other people

Jealousy is a typical human emotion. People often desire what they can't have and tend to compare themselves to others. It's easy to take someone for granted when you think they'll always be there for you. Knowing that other men are interested in you and that someone might claim you will encourage him to step up his game if he had been dragging his feet before. The mere idea of you being with someone else might even prompt him to assess whether he has feelings for you or not. In any case, being in the dating scene generally makes you more appealing. It's similar to keeping a job while seeking out other employment opportunities.

5. Work on you

It may be difficult to acknowledge, but he might have pushed you away because you are not the best catch at the moment. Individuals who seek healthy relationships usually prefer to date someone on their level, not someone they need to rescue or have an immense amount of empathy for. After experiencing the same challenges repeatedly, you eventually stop making excuses for others and begin adding more deal-breakers to your list. Perhaps he sees you as too much of a project and cannot envision a practical future with someone in your current stage of life. By achieving some goals and smoothing out some bumps in the road, you might impress him and cause him to see you in a new light. However, even if he does not, improving your life is always a positive outcome.

6. Create boundaries in your relationship

He will not respect someone he can effortlessly walk all over, like a doormat. Perhaps he pushed you away because you allowed him to come and go as he pleased. The more of his undesirable actions you ignore, the worse he will treat you in the long run. It might be frightening to say "no" and establish boundaries because you may be concerned that it will push him away, but if it does, it's best to let go of that toxic situation. More likely, you are allowing him to take advantage of you, and he will have more respect and better behavior if you assert yourself and define the parameters of your interactions. He may not actually want to lose you entirely, so delivering an ultimatum could be beneficial.

7. Be more of who you were when he met you

Sometimes relationships can cause us to change and become someone we don't recognize. Initially, you were easygoing and spontaneous when you met him, but now you're constantly nagging and suspicious. You're reluctant to go out and give him a hard time when he does something for himself. He may have distanced himself not because he doesn't like you, but because he doesn't like the person you've become in the relationship. It's important to do a self-check and be honest about whether you're still someone he would want to date. If not, consider making personal changes to remind him of the person he was initially attracted to and to bring back that honeymoon phase bliss.

8. Do your homework

It's possible that his behavior is not personal or intentional, and may be influenced by his zodiac sign. For example, Taurus men tend to test loyalty before committing, while Cancer and Scorpio men may push people away due to their own emotions and trust issues. Understanding their tendencies and preferences can help you avoid turning them off and instead attract them. Don't take their patterns personally and try to ride it out before giving up.