He Is Way Too Close To His Family And It Is Causing Major Problems For Us

Initially, I found my boyfriend's devotion to his family admirable. Who wouldn't appreciate a man who proudly identifies as a family-oriented individual? However, as time passed, the strong connection he had with his family began to create issues in our relationship instead of bringing us closer together.

1. I'm Never His Priority

In situations where his parents require his assistance or one of his siblings requests his presence for an outing, he will sacrifice our plans to spend time with them. His weekends are primarily occupied by spending time with his family, leaving me with limited opportunities to see him. As a result, I feel undervalued and not significant enough in his life. It seems apparent that his family will always be his top priority, no matter the circumstance.

2. I'm Forced To Hang Out With Them Too

As a consequence of his frequent family engagements, I am obliged to accompany him to spend time with them if I wish to see him. Although they kindly include me in their activities as a group, I feel pressured to join them at times. While it's pleasant to be invited, there are moments when I simply desire to spend time alone with my partner, without any company.

3. They Meddle In Our Relationship And I'm Sick Of It

It's becoming increasingly frustrating for me as he insists on sharing every single aspect of our relationship with his family. Being someone who values privacy and tends to be reserved, I prefer to keep our matters to ourselves. However, he openly discloses all of our intimate details to his parents, siblings, and anyone else who would lend an ear. I am exhausted with his family's constant involvement in our relationship, and their unwanted advice is starting to take a toll on me. They're far too involved, and I cannot endure it any longer.

4. They Expect Us To Always Be Around

My idea of celebrating New Year's Eve by traveling somewhere together was dashed by his family's request to spend the holiday in town with them, as it's their custom to spend every holiday as a unit. Consequently, we are never able to plan any solo activities. I'm weary of continuously arranging our schedules to accommodate them. Why can't they allow us to spend some quality time alone? Not everything needs to involve them!

5. Date Interruptions Are Frequent

Without fail, whenever we are outside, a member of his family will inevitably call, text, or email him for trivial reasons. They'll inquire if he's enjoying himself, ask him a question that could have been answered on their own, or phone him for the sake of saying hello. His phone is continually buzzing when we are together, and when I suggest he puts it on silent mode so that we can have some peace and quiet, he gives me a bewildered look as if I'm crazy. It's as if his family expects him to stay in touch every hour without fail!

6. I Don't Feel Like I Belong And It Sucks

Due to their familial ties, it's apparent that they have a rich history together, but this leaves me feeling like an outsider every time I am in their company. I consistently sense that I don't belong there. I struggle to comprehend their inside jokes, and they do not put in much effort to make me feel like I'm part of their group. It's no surprise that my boyfriend was single for a considerable time before he met me!

7. I Worry About The Future

While I appreciate the significance of having his family in our lives, I'm anxious that they might be too involved in our future. Will they frequently visit us without prior notice? Will they insist on us spending every holiday together? These thoughts truly make me apprehensive. I'm uncertain if I'm prepared for them to intercede in our daily lives for eternity. It's crucial that they withdraw, or our relationship will undoubtedly suffer.

8. I Feel Guilty For Feeling This Way

Undoubtedly, they are remarkable and affectionate individuals who have welcomed me into their lives. Therefore, it's natural for me to feel terrible about being irritated by their domineering presence. Perhaps the problem lies with me?

9. He's Too Emotionally Attached

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I feel deceived in my relationship, but I do think that his emotional attachment to his family is excessively high. When he experiences something positive in his life, they are the ones he contacts first. And when things go wrong, he looks to them for comfort. What does that imply about me? Apparently, I am not a priority in his life.

10. They're Never Far Away

Even during our one-on-one time, his family is always hovering around. They leave comments on his social media or he shares a story involving them. They seem like an unwanted third party in our relationship, and I'm frustrated with it! I believe it's going to come down to choosing between me and them, and I know who he'll pick.