He Insisted His Female Friend Was Just His Friend, Then Dumped Me For Her

In hindsight, it was clear that I should have paid attention to the major red flag instead of ignoring it. Despite this, I chose to trust my now-ex-boyfriend when he assured me that his friend was just that - a friend. Unfortunately, my decision to trust him turned out to be a significant error in judgment. Here's how events unfolded.

1. I've always been the jealous type, but I'm trying to change

Upon meeting this individual, he disclosed to me that he had close female friendships. Initially, I had an instinctual concern that one of these friendships could develop into a romantic relationship. Despite this, I recognized my tendency to become excessively jealous and made an effort to approach the situation with more acceptance and rationality.


2. Things just didn't seem right

One of his friends stood out to me in particular. Right from our first meeting, I had an intuition that there was more to her relationship with my boyfriend than just friendship. The alarm bells were ringing loudly and clearly for some reason.

3. I tried to get closer to her but it just stressed me out more

As they say, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". In an attempt to ease my concerns, I attempted to get to know her better, hoping to learn that she had a significant other and a family. Unfortunately, my wishful thinking was in vain. As I became more acquainted with her, my nerves only intensified. She frequently spoke about my boyfriend and the enjoyable experiences they had together. With their longstanding connection, it was evident that they had a strong bond, which made me wonder if there


4. I noticed that he treated her differently

It is often said that you can discern a man's interest in a woman by the way he treats her in contrast to other women present. My boyfriend treated this particular friend differently from all his other friends. He didn't playfully mess with her or tease her like he did with his male friends. Instead, he treated her delicately, as though she were a fragile piece of porcelain.


5. They texted — a lot

During our social gatherings, I frequently felt like a third wheel whenever my boyfriend and his friend engaged in conversation and laughter. Even when my boyfriend and I were alone, it was as if his friend was still present. He would often text her, sharing the amusing things she said, attempting to include me in their relationship. However, this did not alleviate my unease regarding the situation.


6. Then she got a boyfriend

I had hoped that things would improve and that I would feel more secure in my relationship when my boyfriend's friend began dating someone she met online. However, to my dismay, it only exacerbated the situation.

7. My boyfriend acted jealous

As it turned out, I wasn't the only one experiencing jealousy in our social circle. My boyfriend began exhibiting jealousy towards his friend's new romantic interest. He acted cold towards the guy when we all met him, although I found him to be quite charming. Whenever his friend brought her new beau to hang out with us, my boyfriend would appear visibly irritated.


8. He actually ranted to me about his feelings

After leaving a party where we had spent time with his friend and her boyfriend, my boyfriend confided in me that he missed his friend, as they hadn't spoken as much since she had found someone new. He then proceeded to vent about how she deserved someone better and was worth more than her current partner. As the rant continued for half an hour, I came to the realization that he wanted her for himself.


9. Then came the corner conversations

One would assume that my boyfriend would have simply moved on from his feelings for his friend. While I could sympathize with his longing to spend more time with her, he began behaving possessively, akin to a jealous lover. My suspicion was confirmed during a dinner outing when I discovered him and his friend engaged in a fervent conversation, standing so close that it seemed as though they were on the brink of kissing.


10. I was enraged

I reached a breaking point and could no longer endure the situation. Despite initially ignoring their conversation, I later confronted my boyfriend directly and asked, "Do you have feelings for her?" His response was defensive and irate, accusing me of being irrational and delusional. His reaction only validated my suspicion. Feeling uncomfortable and upset, I ultimately left the party to avoid being around him.


11. He texted the next day

Rather than chasing after me or checking to ensure that I made it home safely, my boyfriend made no effort to reach out until the following day. It was then that he revealed his true feelings, dropping a bombshell that he wanted to be with his friend instead of me. He admitted that he had concealed his emotions, but they had become too overpowering to continue suppressing. I was left feeling disappointed and hurt.


12. I wanted to kick myself

Looking back, I wish I had ended things with him before he chose his friend over me. If only I had trusted my instincts and avoided all the unnecessary drama. But now, I have learned to recognize the signs and will be more careful in the future.