He Got A Kidney From His Girlfriend, But Now He Says He No Longer Loves Her

He Got A Kidney From His Girlfriend, But Now He Says He No Longer Loves Her

In this life, what can you really count on? The reward of the sacrifices you make for love? Apparently not.

A guy found himself in a difficult situation after discovering that he no longer has feelings for the girl who gave him a kidney when he needed one.

Let that sink in, just for a moment.

Believe it or not, the 32-year-old is at a loss to explain his predicament to the poor girl, and he took to social media to seek some friendly advice.

What Would You Do In His Situation? Better Yet, What Is Your Advice To Him?

Here's the full story: the guy has been with the girl for 5 years. And yes, he knows and appreciates the sacrifice she made for his sake.

Hell, she practically put her life on the line so he could have a second chance at his.

They are also living together. But he's wondering whether he should take things to another level and marry her.

The Problem Is That He No Longer Loves Her

People fall out of love, we all know that. And when that usually happens, they simply move on.

But you have to admit, this is different. Waaay different.

The guy cannot have the audacity to tell the girl he does not love her given what she has done for him.

He just can't break up with her. It is usually a cruel thing under normal circumstances, and it would be downright heartless and evil for a guy in his situation.

He Literally Owes His Life To Her

He was losing the fight for his life, and he felt lost and alone. There was no one coming to his aid once he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He had two difficult options: dialysis for life or a transplant, and these are hard to come by.

He got lucky, extremely lucky. The second option came through for him when the girl gave one of her kidneys to him.

So Yes, It Would Be Incredibly Unfair For Him To Break Up With Her

He loved her before, but now the love has faded, and the attachment he felt towards her has declined. He's got gratitude and appreciation, but not love. He knows that he can never repay her for what she did.

On some level, he knows he should do whatever he can for the girl. It would literally be the least he can do.

But is it right to marry someone knowing that you don't love them?

It's certainly also not right for him to break up with her given her huge sacrifice for his sake.

Who wants the reputation of being the guy who dumped the girl who saved his life?

It's Quite The Pickle, Right?

Should he marry her if that makes her happy? Given what she has done, wouldn't that be a worthwhile sacrifice?

Or maybe he should come clean and give her a chance to marry a guy who truly loves her. But for a girl who goes this far for her boyfriend, wouldn't the scar of this relationship failing be greater than the physical scar she has already endured for his sake?

She literally saved his life.

And based on what transpired, he was probably not very deserving of the favor. What should he do to repay the miraculous favor he received? Would sucking it up and being the husband be too much to ask?

Personally, I think the guy needs to ask himself this question: between dying over failed kidneys and staying with this girl, what option would he choose?

But that's just me. What are your thoughts on this?