He Finally Started To Appreciate Me After He Lost Me, But I Am No Longer Interested

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After two months of dating, he offered a weak excuse for not wanting a serious relationship, which I understood as his rejection of me. However, after two months had passed, he attempted to reconnect by sending me texts and asking for a second chance. I was not willing to entertain the idea.

1. He didn't see what he had when he had me

I treated the guy well during our time together, providing support and enjoying each other's company, and we had undeniable chemistry. However, he failed to recognize any of this and ended things. Now, he wants me to consider taking him back? As if his perspective on me has suddenly changed? Not a chance.

2. I only give my heart to those who look after it

A psychologist friend once shared a dating tip with me: "If you wouldn't trust someone with one of your organs, why trust them with your heart?" And in this case, I wouldn't trust the guy to take care of any part of me because he left before and could easily do it again.

3. He missed out

Although it was difficult to end things with this unpleasant person, doing so saved me from potential future pain and wasted time. In the end, he will be the one left with regrets, not me. I consider myself fortunate for not taking him back and avoiding any possible regrets.

4. People should only get one chance

From my experience, I don't believe in giving second chances. Although I have done so in the past, I've come to realize that people rarely change. I believe that one opportunity is more than enough for someone to recognize my worth. If they fail to do so, they don't deserve another chance to be part of my life.

5. He was a giant red flag

I had too many doubts and suspicions about his motives for wanting me back. Perhaps he was just bored, seeking convenience, or feeling lonely because his other options didn't work out. Whenever I thought of him, all I could see were red flags. The uncertainty I felt made it impossible for me to consider taking him back.

6. I'm not a conquest

I refuse to lower my standards by letting a man back into my life simply so he can feel victorious in winning me over. Who does he think he is? I am not some trophy to be won; I am an exceptional woman who deserves to be appreciated right from the start.

7. I felt stronger for choosing myself over him

I used to prioritize others at the expense of my own happiness. I'd give men second chances, trust them, and take them back, only to be hurt again. But not anymore. With this guy, I chose to prioritize my happiness over his, and it was the best decision I could have made.

8. I saw in his eyes he was a waste of time

This guy went to great lengths to try and convince me to change my mind. He bombarded me with countless texts expressing his feelings for me and admitting his mistakes. But maybe he just desired what he couldn't have. Where was he when he had me just a few months earlier? Where were the declarations of love then?

9. I don't have patience for arrogance

Whenever men who treated me poorly return and seek a second chance, I cannot help but perceive them as arrogant. They assume that they can act however they please and still receive what they want in the end. Sorry, but I am not a puppet on a string. I am a human being with emotions and a compassionate heart that doesn't have space for a man's inflated ego.

10. My love is rare

I don't want to sound arrogant, but I have witnessed numerous awful people out there. I am an excellent girlfriend, and I know my value. I offer sincere love without any deceitful games. I need to have high standards to safeguard the love I offer because it's not for everyone, especially not for someone who took it for granted the first time.

11. I'm not desperate

How desperate would I need to be to accept that guy back into my life after he abandoned me? I'd choose to eat glass over appearing desperate for someone's love. In the wise words of Beyoncé, "I can have another you in a minute." That man was nothing extraordinary or deserving of waiting for. Many jerks like him exist.

12. He didn't "lose" me — he threw me out

Despite what he might say about losing me or me being "the one who got away," the truth is that he pushed me out of his life. It's that simple. He chose to turn his back on me and walk away. You can only lose something you actually have, and fortunately, I was never truly his.