He Doesn't Want You, He Wants Your Attention, 9 Big Signs To Watch For

He Doesn’t Want You. He Wants Your Attention, 9 Big Signs To Watch For

Relationships can be tricky, especially with a guy who runs hot and cold. One second, he's into you. The next, he's fallen off the face of the Earth.

Yet we keep letting him come back. If you're wondering if he's really into you, watch for these signs. Are you a potential partner? Or just an ego boost? Is he pretending not to like you?

1. He's a Narcissist

Narcissism is a hard thing to spot but one neon sign is a huge ego. A man who thinks he's God's gift to women isn't going to settle down with just one girl. He needs a continuous string of women giving him attention to validate himself. If he's in love with himself, run.

2. He's Always Complimenting You

In the beginning, you'll get plenty of attention and praise. To me, having someone make you feel special is the best part of a relationship. But if he backs off once you're interested, walk away. He'll string you along, but he won't commit.

3. You Have Inconsistent Communications

You often go a while without hearing from him. But he always comes back. And you let him. You think he missed you but what he missed was what you did for his ego. He's back, so you won't forget him. You're his guaranteed confidence boost. Send him on his way.

4. He's Keeping Tabs on You

He's a common visitor on all your social media. He "loved" that cute outfit you posted on Facebook. And two weeks ago, he tagged you in that meme on Instagram. That has to mean he's into you. Sorry but no. As soon as you engage, he'll ghost.

5. He Talks About the Future but Never Delivers

He's always making plans, so there's doubt he likes you. But stop and think about it. How often does he actually follow through? Did you go with him to his cousin's wedding? Oh, he had to work. How about that concert he mentioned? Did he fall asleep? It's a dangerous pattern. Get out now.

6. It's Got to Be His Way

Every time you want to do something, he acts weird. He'll take a while to respond. Or he'll have plans. He might agree, then cancel last minute. It's because he needs to be in control. You can't tell him when to see you. It challenges his masculinity.

7. He's Just Killing Time

You get a lot of weekday texts while he's chilling at home. This is code for he's bored and craving attention. If he was out with the guys or playing PlayStation, you wouldn't hear from him. If you're only filling his empty time, don't respond.

8. Jealousy Means He Cares, Right?

This guy has no problem showing jealousy over other guys. Most of us would think that means you mean something to him. You do. But not in a good way. You're his addiction. He needs your full attention to feed his ego.

9. When You Walk Away, He Pulls You Back

One day, you'll have enough. You ignore him, but he becomes more persistent. Don't answer his text, and he'll send two more. Respond with a "maybe," and he'll push until you give in. Ignoring him on social media leads to guilt trips and triple the charm. He knows he's losing you, and he can't let that happen. Break the cycle. He won't change.

It is important not to confuse his need for attention scenarios when he wants you to make the first move. Some guys are too shy to speak up about their attraction toward you, and you might have to take the first step if you want the relationship to take off.