He Doesn't Have To Have The Perfect Body, But He Needs To Care About His Health

Physical appearance isn't the only factor that determines my attraction towards someone. Their personality and compatibility with me are also significant in shaping my interest and ultimately, my decision to date them. I believe that a person's well-being is not limited to their body shape or size, and therefore, I am not exclusively searching for someone who resembles David Beckham. Instead, I am drawn to individuals who demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. While no one is flawless, I find it challenging to remain interested in someone who shows no regard for their physical and mental health.

1. Bad habits will catch up with him

Although he may have a physically demanding job and a speedy metabolism at 25, what about his future when he is sitting at a desk for prolonged hours and has not developed healthy habits like planning meals and exercising? Over time, he will begin to feel and look different, and by then, it will be much more challenging to undo the harm he has caused.

2. I'll wonder about his judgment

Some things are commonly known to be unhealthy, such as consuming sugary drinks excessively and avoiding physical activity altogether. If he regularly engages in unhealthy behaviors and seems unaware of his body's needs, I will doubt his judgment. While making healthy choices is not always simple, if he doesn't even consider the option of choosing water over soda, I am not likely to remain in the relationship for long.

3. He must not care about himself very much

Individuals who prioritize self-care do so because they recognize the value of their body and life, and desire to experience their best possible selves. Consequently, if he does not prioritize self-care, it may indicate that he does not believe he is worth the effort. Unhealthy habits could be a manifestation of his overall indifference toward life.

4 Some health problems can be prevented

A poor diet and lack of physical activity can lead to numerous health issues. If he is dealing with a health problem that he could mitigate by making lifestyle changes, but he opts not to, it will be challenging for me to feel empathetic. Ultimately, everyone is responsible for their well-being, and if he does not take charge of his health, no one else will.

5. I don't need to spend time with a bad influence

While I enjoy a slice of pizza and a strawberry milkshake occasionally, I try not to indulge frequently. If the guy I am dating is consistently consuming junk food around me, it will challenge my self-control. While occasional indulgences are acceptable, a man with unhealthy eating habits will inevitably have a negative impact on me.

6 I'll end up getting naggy about it

I have no desire to be his mother, constantly reminding him to eat his vegetables and take breaks from video games to get some fresh air. I am not responsible for ensuring that he practices self-care. I am unwilling to commit myself to someone who exhibits a lack of concern for their well-being, as I dislike nagging.

7. It's just a turn-off

Smoking is one unhealthy habit that I cannot tolerate. The odor is unpleasant, it is not as attractive as portrayed in movies, and it is hazardous and unsanitary. Given that smoking leads to severe health issues, the fact that anyone would still smoke is incomprehensible to me. Individuals who prioritize their health should take the necessary measures to quit smoking.

8. He won't age well

Making a conscious effort to maintain a healthy diet and staying active while young has an impact on one's appearance and well-being in later years. Failing to prioritize self-care at a young age will result in premature aging and more frequent medical issues. I have no desire to develop feelings for someone who does not intend to stay active as they age, as I have no desire to slow down if I can help it.

9. Being an adult includes taking care of yourself

At some point, individuals must start preparing their own meals and finding time for physical activity despite their numerous commitments. With the absence of parents to ensure they attend soccer practice and consume a healthy breakfast, it is imperative to adjust and take responsibility. This adjustment may take some time, but it is a crucial aspect of adulthood. I am not interested in dating someone who has not yet realized this responsibility.

10. He's probably lazy

At its core, a guy who doesn't prioritize his health is simply being lazy. It's effortless to consume fast food frequently and lounge on the sofa with beer and video games during free time. On the other hand, it's challenging but feasible to create a meal plan, dedicate time for exercise, and overcome unhealthy habits. Many people accomplish this feat, and I would rather date someone who does.