He Didn't Make Me A Priority So I Made Myself One & Walked Away

As we grow up, we often anticipate our own version of a fairytale romance, complete with a happily ever after and a Prince Charming. However, this notion of finding true love, or a near-replica of it, for the rest of our lives is not only impractical but also biased against women. Recently, I parted ways with a guy who didn't live up to my expectations, but instead of dwelling on it, I prioritized my well-being and chose to walk away. As a result, I am now happier than ever.

1. My relationship status doesn't define my worth

I was self-assured before I became infatuated with a guy, and I'm maintaining that confidence now that it's over. Despite the perception that everyone else is in a relationship, being in one doesn't make someone superior, just as being single doesn't make me inferior. I recognize that my worth extends beyond my relationship status, and that's what truly counts.

2. I gave myself time to be pissed and then I moved on

It's natural for humans to feel upset or angry when something goes wrong, particularly if emotions are involved. Although I hoped to be selected by the guy, I realized he wasn't fully committed, so I allowed myself to mourn briefly before moving on. Prolonging my sorrow would only worsen my mood, and once I made the decision to move forward, everything improved significantly.

3. I leaned on the people who know me best

When I faced rejection, my friends and family were my support system. They consistently demonstrated their loyalty to me, which is more than any man I've dated has done. My loved ones reassured me that I was superior to him and allowed me to process my emotions in a safe space.

4. Sometimes we have to fall down to be able to build ourselves back up

I strongly believe that adversity can build resilience. While it hurt to hear that I wasn't sufficient for him, his rejection empowered me to discover my own self-worth. I don't require a man to be content, especially not one who fails to appreciate my value.

5. We only know what we deserve when someone sells us short

His unreciprocated affection allowed me to comprehend what I truly desire in a partner. I now recognize my non-negotiables and refuse to compromise them for anyone. I yearn for someone who regards me the way I longingly regarded him and desires me as I ceaselessly desired him. I won't settle for anything less.

6. I should feel every single day that I'm loved

It's reasonable to desire consistent reassurance that my partner truly wants to be with me. Feeling valued is one of my fundamental needs. Unfortunately, he was unwilling to fulfill that requirement, so as painful as it is, I understand that I'm better off without him. Perhaps someday someone else will endeavor to meet my needs, but for now, I'll take the opportunity to reflect on myself. After all, there are many other potential partners out there.

7. There's nothing wrong with being alone

It would be wonderful to discover a partner who chooses me with the same enthusiasm that I select them, but the truth is that I might opt to be in a relationship with myself. Whether it's a temporary or permanent decision, the notion that being single during my young and adult years is taboo is absurd. If I decide that I'm content on my own, I won't allow anyone to persuade me otherwise.

8. He never would've made me happy anyway

Initially, it was simple for me to believe that he might alter his perspective in the future, but in reality, it would have been a gradual decline. Ultimately, he revealed his incapacity to provide me with what I required, and that would have been increasingly evident over time. If anything, I'm grateful that I comprehended the truth early on so that I could begin to move on promptly.

9. When I have the real deal, I'll appreciate it even more

After yearning for someone who didn't reciprocate my feelings, discovering someone who does will be even more satisfying. I won't have to be concerned about his level of interest and dedication, and it will be an amazing sensation.

10. Maybe one day, I'll be ready to try again

In the event that I choose to re-enter the dating arena, I'm now aware of what I'm searching for. Ultimately, I don't require a man, and if I decide to pursue a relationship, it will be with someone who is eager and capable of choosing me every day.