Have You Tried Drinkopoly Yet? Then You Should, Asap

Drinking is a fun way to pass the time with friends and to create some brilliant funny memories. But this beloved pastime is even more exciting when you play a game like ping pong or spin the bottle.

But you might have had enough of ping pong already. And spin the bottle, isn't that a little too common?

So, how about Drinkopoly? And no, it is not just a drinking game like any other. This game is INSANE.

Want to know more? Here we go

have you tried drinkopoly yet? then you should, asap

1. It's Very Simple, But Very Engaging

With this game, you will get 50 task cards. You have to do one of these tasks or have a drink. It is by completing these tasks that you make it through the game. As you can imagine, a lot of crazy and exciting things are bound to happen over the course of the game.

2. It's For Six Players. So, Everyone Gets A Chance

Many beer games lock out many of their willing participants, but not Drinkopoly. With this game, six players can take part. However, as few as 2 players can enjoy the game.

3. No, It's Nothing Like Monopoly

have you tried drinkopoly yet? then you should, asap

You are probably thinking that Drinkopoly is just Monopoly for drinking fans. But no, the similarities between the two games are not that deep. Other than the name and the fact that this game also uses cards and dice, it's nothing like Monopoly. So, you don't have to be a Monopoly fan to enjoy it.

4. You'll Have Fun

Having as much fun as possible as we drink with our buddies is usually an ultimate goal. This is precisely the reason you will love Drinkopoly so much. With this game, you will hardly remember what went down the previous night. And what could be more fun than that? It's also probably the reason they call it the blurriest game every. And it is!

The way this game is designed will ensure that you have a lot of fun drinking and still enjoy the game.

Let's face it, some so-called drinking games call for some level of sobriety so you can enjoy them. But with Drinkopoly, you get to enjoy both the game and the drinking, and that's incredibly fun.

have you tried drinkopoly yet? then you should, asap

5. It's Crazy

Although a lot of people who have tried Drinkopoly admit that it is incredibly fun and enjoyable, they have a warning for those who want to play it for the first time. Sure the game is a great way to pass time with friends, but you should also watch your drinking.

You see, this game can make you drink a lot, and things can easily get out of hand. While having a couple of drinks with friends is certainly fun, having your intoxicated self being dragged home after you blackout after drinking too much is probably not the kind of thing your drunken friends would consider fun.

But there is a workaround. Instead of using hard drinks as you play the game, you can use something like beer, which is lighter. But if you are already a little drunk before the game even begins, you can use water instead. It might not sound as enjoyable but at least you will get to enjoy the game a little more.