Most people have no idea that other versions of the zodiac exist, including the hilariously accurate Southern version. 

Liz Dial came up with these zodiac symbols. She is a social media specialist. The signs have really caught on for the accurate depictions they make about popular astrology signs as viewed from the eyes of a Southerner.

We have to give it to her, this is exactly what we would expect of the zodiac signs if Southerners created and described them. There are many stereotypes about these people, and they are evident in this version of the zodiac.

But Southerners are not all the same, and many stereotypes are not based on the truth. However, they are known for their kindness towards everyone, and they often put up with terrible summer weather.

Sure, she came up with the signs intending to create something humorous, and she added funny comments to make this more apparent. But still, these comments are very true of these signs.

Yes, The Signs Are Based On Animals.

But if you are not happy with the animal assigned to you, don’t take it personally. It is all created in the spirit of fun. Still, if you can take them seriously without getting offended, then you might have plenty to learn about yourself and other people.

So far, people have been quite positive about the Southern zodiac signs, with many admitting how true the descriptions are. Clearly, there was plenty of insight about the signs from their creator, which is why they are so impressively accurate. 

 If you are a Southerner, you have to be proud of these zodiac symbols. As you know, Southerners can really tell a story, and this is more than apparent in this hilarious and beautiful astrological creation.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a Southerner to understand what’s going on here. The astrology signs are simple, hilarious and dead on.

1. Aries – Cicada

Always spoiling for a fight.

2. Taurus – Bullfrog

Stubborn. Will eat anything, even other bullfrogs.

3. Gemini – Coyote

Can’t decide if it’s a wolf or a dog but loves pack life.

4. Cancer – Possum

Easily spooked and plays dead when threatened.

5. Leo – Black Bear

A fearless leader. If you make one angry, walk away slowly.

6. Virgo – Armadillo

Locks everything in its shell and can sniff out any drama.

7. Libra – Lightning Bug

Fun, flirty, and glowy.

8. Scorpio – Cottonmouth

Strikes first and asks questions later.

9. Sagittarius – Gator

The loudest reptile. Doesn’t need your approval.

10. Capricorn – Crawfish

Will pinch you to avoid feelings. Pretends to be tough but is just another lobster.

11. Aquarius – White-tailed Dear

Loyal and independent. Will run out in the street for no reason.

12. Pisces – Catfish

Master of camouflage. Confused most of the time.

Many people seem to love the Southern zodiac, and they agree that the descriptions fit them perfectly.

But let’s talk about you, are you happy with your Southern version of the zodiac? I certainly have no problem with mine.