Have You Fallen Out Of Love? If You See These 20 Signs, It's Possible

Have You Fallen Out Of Love? If You See These 20 Signs, It’s Possible

I can't imagine there are many things scarier than realizing you have fallen out of love with the person you thought would be in your life forever. The thought that all those wonderful feelings you felt no longer exist can be a frightful nightmare.

Frankly, falling out of love can be the deepest low after the amazing high of falling for someone you believed was "the one."

People think love should be exciting all the time. We like to think there should never come a time when you feel "nothing" for your partner.

But you get to a point where you feel numb. You try to reach deep and find that strong affection you once felt for this person and find there's nothing there.

Then you start wondering, where did all the love go? Who dropped the ball and made the passion burn out?

What Does It Mean When You Fall Out Of Love?

Just because you are falling out of love, it does not mean the relationship cannot be salvaged. As you probably know, love requires sacrifice.

So, when you stop putting in the effort, you might not feel the passion anymore.

Experts believe falling out of love is born out of a complete lack of intimacy between the partners.

This starts with a tendency by the partners to communicate less. Communication is key in any relationship, and when you talk less and less, even if it's about your relationship problems, the love you have will fade.

Love is about sharing and being partners in the journey of life. When that is no longer the case, you will have no reason to say you are in love.

Here are ways to know you have fallen out of love.

1. Things Have Changed

All relationships evolve, and it's because the partners also change over time. But in a growing relationship, partners change in a way that makes their relationship much stronger.

However, when you are falling out of love, you change in ways that make you greater strangers to each other.

You no longer laugh at each other's jokes. You no longer do things together. You no longer take an interest in each other's lives. And it's because you have fallen out of love.

2. When You Fall Out Of Love, You Prefer Time Alone

When a relationship is new, you can't wait to spend more time with your partner. In fact, the idea that you cannot spend any more time together can ruin your day.

After falling out of love, the opposite happens. Time with this person feels like torture, and time alone feels like freedom.

3. Your Relationship Is Now A Boring Routine

If there is nothing to look forward to as far as your relationship goes, then the whole affair has turned into a boring routine.

When you are just going through the motions, then love is no longer the driving force. Love never gets boring, even when things get hard.

So, if you start feeling like being around each other is a terrible obligation, you are falling out of love.

4. Conversations Gets Boring

When you find a new lover, you never have enough time to talk about everything you want to share with them.

But now, you have nothing interesting to say to them. This is an indication that your feelings and most profound thoughts are no longer focused on this person.

At some point, almost everything in your life reminded you of the person. But now, nothing does.

5. You Argue All The Time

Love does plenty to keep things peaceful in a relationship. When you see your partner is upset, you back down even though they might be in the wrong.

But when the love is gone, backing down is never an obvious option. That means the arguments never cease.

In fact, you argue over everything, even things that should not be a bother to anyone. So, if you are always finding excuses to go at each other's necks, then the love might be gone.

6. You Spend Less Time Together

When your relationship began, you spent a lot of time together. Yes, that had plenty to do with the fact that you were still learning things about each other.

But these days, you never make plans to spend time together. Each person seems more interested in spending time on other things.

Actually, you seem to enjoy the times you spend apart.

7. You Don't Care If It Works Out Or Not

There is nothing more precious than having a healthy relationship with the person you love. When you are into someone, you are eager to make things work out.

Any relationship that has gotten so bad that you don't want to fix what's broken and couldn't care if the whole thing breaks down is clearly lacking in love.

All relationships have problems, and the difference is that in healthy relationships, the partners make sure they fix the problems as soon as they emerge.

8. You Don't Have Respect For Each Other

No relationship can get far without respect. Alongside love and kindness, respect is one of the things you need to keep the relationship going.

So, when respect goes out of the window, and you are always differing and mistreating each other, you have also fallen out of love.

9. You Feel The Relationship Has Ran Its Course

When you get to a point where you feel that the relationship has run its course, then the chances are that you have fallen out of love.

If you are feeling that you are just waiting for the relationship to end so you can go your separate ways, it might have everything to do with the fact that you have fallen out of love with each other.

10. You Have Grown Apart

When a relationship is new, it is full of passion and love. You feel like you don't have enough time to express all the love you feel for the person.

You imagine that these feelings will last forever, and you can start to feel that a future might be possible for the two of you.

But over time, you have lost interest in each other, and you no longer feel the need to pursue common goals. In other words, you have grown apart, and that shows you have started to fall out of love.

11. If They No Longer Feel Special To You, You're Falling Out Of Love

Everyone you love will feel special to you, regardless of what's going on in your lives. When someone you once loved no longer feels special to you, it means you are taking the relationship for granted.

If your soulmate now feels like an acquaintance, then you have fallen out of love.

12. You Don't Give Each Other Attention

When you love each other, you will have time for each other. When your partner needs you, you are there for them.

But after falling out of love, this attention fades. Any time they need you feels like a burden or an unnecessary bother. You start to get the feeling that there are better ways to spend your time.

13. You Don't Make Love Anymore

If you are constantly not in the mood to make love, then the love you once had might be gone. And even if you do, you feel like there is no emotion in it.

It feels like you could just take it or leave it because it doesn't mean as much to you as it once did.

14. Your Future Together Is Less Certain

If your relationship had a clearly defined future, and you could go on and on about things you planned on doing together, but that's no longer the case, then you have fallen out of love.

The future is a blur among couples that no longer love each other. That is because you focus on your own dreams now.

15. When You Fall Out Of Love, You Are No Longer Friends

All loving relationships are based on friendship. You have to be friends to be a great couple.

How else would you care about each other's needs? That is why relationships that are based on sex alone cannot be described as loving.

But when friendship is no longer part of the romance, then you will surely fall out of love. In no time, you will turn into each other's critics, and you will have little concern for each other's wellbeing.

16. You're Already Looking For Someone Else

Feeling like you could be happier with someone else? Then you have fallen out of love with your partner.

That's a pretty bad sign that your relationship is on the rocks. If your heart were still set on your current partner, then you would not be considering a relationship with another person.

17. When You Fall Out Of Love, You Don't Have Deep Conversations Anymore

Deep relationships exist because the partners engage in deep conversations. You pour your heart out only to someone you love and cherish.

So, when that's no longer happening, then you have every reason to believe that the relationship is failing.

18. You Feel Happier Around Other People? Then You Have Fallen Out Of Love

You should light up around those you love because they ignite a passion within you. So, when that no longer happens, and you feel happier around other people, then you might be falling out of love with your partner.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying your friends, if you prefer them to your partner every time, then the love has died out.

If you might recall, people lose touch with their friends when they find a new lover. They are also typically less available when in a relationship because they enjoy their partners more. So, when the complete opposite happens, something has gone wrong.

19. You Are Like Roommates

Just because you have fallen out of love, it does not mean your relationship will be estranged. The passion can die out, but the companionship can remain.

You might live together peacefully, but as different people. When you fall out of love, you practically become roommates who have no deep interest in each other and feel no passion for each other.

20. You Are Sabotaging The Relationship

Every relationship has something that keeps it going. In most cases, that something is love.

More importantly, when the most important aspect of your loving relationship crumbles, you might start sabotaging the relationship. This is when you pick fights with your partner, hoping the connection will fail.

Falling in love is a beautiful thing, which is why falling out of love can be so a frustrating thing.

But rather than stay in a dead-end relationship, not knowing what the future holds for you and your partner, learn if you have fallen out of love. That way, you will know if to work on rekindling the passion you once shared or to move on with your separate lives.