Have Time For God: He Makes Time For You

Have Time For God: He Makes Time For You

It can't always be about you. If you want God to be present in everything you do, then you have to set aside some time for Him.

Don't Spend Every Free Moment You Have On Social Media

That nap is certainly necessary from time to time, but you also need to spend a few of your free minutes with your God.


So, put everything away, find some place quiet, and have some time with your maker.

You have to spend time with those you love, and God tops that list.

Don't say you have a busy schedule, or that you have important plans. Obligations and commitments will never end.

In The End, What Will Matter The Most Is Your Relationship With Your God

With God on your side, you will have everything else you need, including people who enrich your life.


Make time for Him, because He makes time for you. I understand that the world is full of distractions.

He has blessed you abundantly, that is why you have a job and everything else going for you.

Many people have spent their whole lives trying to have what you take as an obvious fact of life.

So, you at least need to set aside some time to say thank you to God for all He has done for you.


God Is Faithful, And He Is Just

You will not take time off your work to serve Him and be disappointed.

Nobody ever regretted deciding to spend a little more time with their God, and you won't be the first.

He knows what you need before you even ask for it. To Him, you are worth more than you know.

He understands how much help you need to hold it all together. He is ready, willing and capable of making your burdens lighter.


God Loves You More Than You Could Understand

You only need to be closer to Him and you will have all that you need.

So, take time to pray and meditate on His magnificence and His countless blessings.

You would not survive a minute without His mercies. He brought you into this world for a reason and remaining close to Him is the only way to ensure that you fulfill that purpose.


Don't Worry, God Has Good Plans For You

He wants to bless you, love you, prosper you, and make your life beautiful for the sake of His glory.

So, give Him time, He deserves it more than anyone. Everyone else will fall short, even if they love you more than they love themselves.

Not Even Your Parents Will Stick By You Until The Very End

Your best friends became part of your life along the way, and those who love and care about you will usually walk in and out of your life.


God does not change. He was there from the very beginning, and He will be with you to the very end.

He knows what's best for you, so take time to listen to Him and you will make the right decisions in your life.

Nobody is perfect. We are full of flaws and unworthy of God's love. And yet God showers you with this unending love. Give Him your time. Trust me, you will be doing yourself a great favor.