Haunted Ventriloquist Doll Comes To Life In Freaky Video

With Halloween fast approaching, an eerie video has emerged online featuring a ventriloquist doll appearing to open its own cabinet door and blinking its eyes in the absence of any observers. Personally, I am feeling extremely frightened by this inexplicable occurrence.

To find out additional information about Mr. Fritz and to watch a video of the doll in motion, please continue scrolling downwards.

1. The doll's owner did not know what was going on at first

Every morning, Michael Diamond, a 48-year-old resident of Liverpool, was perplexed as to why the glass display cabinet where the ventriloquist doll was positioned appeared to be open. In order to investigate the situation, he decided to install a GoPro camera overnight.

2. Mr. Fritz was up to something

An American POW from the 1940s crafted Mr. Fritz, the ventriloquist doll, and Diamond was given ownership of the doll earlier this year. However, strange occurrences began happening soon after. Diamond was frightened when he discovered the truth about what was happening after he watched the video.

3. Who would Not be freaked out?

Diamond reportedly stated to The Sun, "I had a strange sensation in my stomach when I initially viewed the footage. You can clearly see the eyes shift prior to the door opening and again afterwards. The eyes also flicker, and the mouth moves slightly up and down." As a precaution, Diamond currently keeps the cabinet locked and covered with a blanket.

4. Diamond is Not scared, though

While Diamond admitted to being cautious around Mr. Fritz, he clarified that he isn't exactly frightened. Nevertheless, he wishes to find another person to take ownership of the doll, stating "I want to locate a permanent residence for it. I tend to become emotionally attached to my collections."

5. "What Is the explanation is the one million dollar question isn't it?"

Diamond expressed his curiosity about the situation with the doll and his desire to uncover the truth. "I am completely clueless. I don't even know how to begin," he stated. "There are no open windows in the room and no air current. The door is secured by a latch, so it shouldn't simply swing open. I have informed Sally and Amber about it, and they are extremely uneasy." Although the identities of Sally and Amber are unknown, it is probable that they are equally as disturbed by the circumstances as we are.

6. Then again, maybe we can't really trust Diamond…

Considering Diamond's occupation as a traveling performer who showcases his bizarre assortment of museum curiosities, which includes skulls, taxidermy animals, and "spiritual props," it is possible that the Mr. Fritz incident is simply an elaborate publicity stunt for one of his shows. However, it's impossible to say for sure.