Haunted House Actor Stabs 11-Year-Old Boy With Real Knife

Haunted House Actor Stabs 11-year-old Boy With Real Knife

One of the horrors of a haunted house came true after an actor stabbed a boy with a real knife. The 11-year-old boy, Frank, was about to go through 7 Floors of Hell in Berea, Ohio, when the dangerous encounter happened.

The boy met the 22-year-old actor dressed as the character at the fairgrounds. Christopher Pogozelski also had a large Bowie knife in his hands as part of his character.

Christopher Pogozelski had meant to use the knife as a way to scare people. He was supposed to drag it on the ground just in front of the visitors as a way to prepare them for the horrors of the haunted house adventure they were about to take.

The actor then decided to stab the ground before the terrified spectators. However, he got quite close to an 11-year-old boy's feet in a spirited attempt to prove that he was holding the real thing.

Haunted House Actor Stabs 11-year-old Boy With Real Knife

In the end, the boy ended up getting stabbed in the foot.

Police were immediately called with reports that a male had been stabbed in the foot. The boy's mother, Karen Bednarski, spoke to the media and explained that she was visiting the haunted house with the boy's sister and other family members to have some scary fun.

Apparently, the actor approached them holding a knife to scare the boy with it. The boy told the actor that he was not afraid of the knife:

"That's fake. I'm not scared."


To prove to the boy that he was holding the real thing and not a harmless prop, the actor began stabbing the ground close to the boy's feet. Unfortunately, he got too close and stabbed the boy.

The knife cut through the boy's sandal and sliced the side of his big toe.

The boy immediately told the actor what had happened, and the police were immediately called.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they took the knife from the actor. Christopher also revealed that he had brought it from home.

The actor also admitted that the idea to use a real knife was ill-founded. He also insisted that the injury happened by accident.


However, the boy's mother does not think the stabbing was an accident.

The Entertainment Establishment Distanced Itself From The Actor

Haunted House Actor Stabs 11-year-old Boy With Real Knife

Night Scream Entertainment owns 7 Floors of Hell, the attraction the family was enjoying. The president of the company, Rodney Geffert, explained that the "poke" was an accident that happened because the actor got "a little too close."


Nevertheless, Geffert explained that the 7 Floors of Hell attraction has strict rules that allow actors only to use rubber and foam props. Therefore, Christopher was using a real knife in complete disregard of the policies already in place:

"He went to his car and did this on his own free will and we don't tolerate or put up with that."

After the incident, the actor was fired. The police also confirmed that he had been charged over the injury he had inflicted on 11-year-old Frank.

Police Lieutenant Tom Walker, who works with Berea Police Department, claimed that he did not understand why the man brought a real knife, which he said was a "poor decision on his part."

After he was stabbed, the boy was taken to the first aid area, where the cut was disinfected. The wound is about a third of an inch long.

The president of the company that runs the attraction has expressed hopes that the boy understands that what the actor did is not a reflection of how they run their business.