Haunted Al Qasimi Palace In RAK – The Palace Of Nightmares

Approximately 30 years ago, plans were drawn up for an extravagant building known as "The Al Qasimi Palace" in Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK), United Arab Emirates. The palace was designed to include pools, rivers, gardens, and other luxurious features, but the project was ultimately not completed.

The excitement of the palace's opening quickly turned to fear when people who moved in experienced strange and terrifying events on the first night. It is not known exactly what happened, but the residents fled the next day and have not returned since. Despite its grand design, the palace has remained unoccupied for nearly 30 years.


It is rumored that strange noises, such as the sound of moving furniture or heavy luggage, can be heard coming from the abandoned Al Qasimi Palace at dusk or during the day. Some people have also claimed to see the faces of children peering through the broken windows, sometimes crying out to those outside. Due to its eerie legends and unusual history, the Al Qasimi Palace has gained a reputation as the "Al Qasimi Jinn Palace," or "the devil's palace."


If you're looking for a haunted destination in the United Arab Emirates, you can take the E311 highway to the northeastern tip of the country, then take the E11 road and turn onto Seikh Rashid Been Saeed Al Maktoum St. The Al Qasimi Palace will be on your right. Along the way, you can also visit "The Ghost Town of Jazirat Al Hamra," which is said to be the most haunted place in the UAE.