Has Your Man Said Any Of These Things? Then It's Possible He Does Not Love You Anymore

Has Your Man Said Any Of These Things? Then It’s Possible He Does Not Love You Anymore

Many people might think there is no sure way of telling whether a relationship has a future. However, relationship experts and psychologists say you should see where your relationship is heading with a lot of clarity.

A closer look at the way your partner behaves can say what they think about you and the relationship.

In particular, pay attention to what your man regularly says. In fact, here are 7 things a man says that suggest that the love he once had for you is no longer there.

1. "I don't love you anymore."

Does this need any more explaining? This might be a harsh statement, but it should remove all the doubt and save you from having to guess if your man loves you or not. Some men are brutally honest and will admit that they don't have love for you.

But others, to protect your feelings, might not admit to this truth even if you ask them straight to their faces. However, there are plenty of other signs on this list you can use to know if he still loves you or not.

2. "That's your problem, not mine."

When you are a couple, you are never alone, even when you have to bear the brunt of the hardship you are facing. Your partner should alleviate your suffering or at least empathize with you in every way. When that's no longer the case with your guy, he might not love you anymore.

3. "I don't trust you."

Love trusts. So, when a man cannot trust you, it might mean that he no longer has love for you, which is why he wants to control you in other ways. The protectiveness and jealousy might look cute, but feelings of love do not usually drive these emotions.

4. "You're always overthinking."

If this is a response you get regularly, then know that something is not right. He doesn't take you or what you care about seriously anymore. This usually means the love he once had for you has faded.

5. "Why do I have to explain everything to you?"

This shows a complete lack of patience. Love is patience. So, what does it mean when your man does not feel like taking a minute to explain something is not worth it? The obvious answer: he does not love you as much as he should.

6. "Feel free to explore other options."

This is a terrible sign, and it shows that he is not afraid to lose you anymore. Maybe he secretly wishes you were not part of his life any longer because a man who loves you would do anything to keep you around.

7. "Do whatever you want."

Indifference could be worse than conflict. At least a man who disagrees is still interested in what you have to say or how you perceive him and his perspectives. But a man who no longer gives a damn about anything to do with you has no love for you. If you notice this, it might be time to swallow the bitter pill and find the strength to move on with life without him.