Harry Potter Filmmaker's Original Lord Voldemort Creation Is Terrifying

Harry Potter Filmmaker's Original Lord Voldemort Creation Is Terrifying

He Who Must Not Be Named made his dramatic debut in The Goblet of Fire. His presence was immediately felt because he stood out as one of the greatest villains in cinematic history.

Ralph Fiennes played the role, and he helped fans get an idea of how fearsome the Dark Lord could be, especially with his unforgettable antics in The Philosopher's Stone.

Professor Quirrell removed his turban and revealed Voldemort on his back. Ian Hart initially voiced him, and his face was nothing short of nightmarish.

What people don't know is that the original design of his face would have been even more terrifying.

Harry Potter Filmmaker's Original Lord Voldemort Creation Is Terrifying

Photos of Voldemort's initial design were posted on Reddit. They showed how scary professor Quirrell's Voldemort face would have looked if they had stuck to the original design.

In the films, fans see a ghoulish look, but the original design was something else altogether.

The initial idea was to give Voldemort a huge mouth, spiky teeth, and an extended skull that made him look more like the Alien Resurrection hybrid.

With the photos was the caption, "This was the first-ever design of Voldemort, which many find far more terrifying." Based on the thousands of comments, many people agreed with this description.

One of the users noted that the design they chose still scared him when they were young and went on to say that the original design would have traumatized them.

According to another commenter, the design the Reddit user had posted a paid homage to Edward Mordrake, the mythical two-faced man. According to the myth, the man had a second face on the back of his head.

The story claimed that the second face was that of a parasitic female twin that never fully developed. Apparently, the second face would say and whisper evil things to Edward Mordrake and could only smile when he was sad.

There is a similar face in the American Horror Story.

The original design would have indeed illustrated the depth of evil associated with the Dark Lord as people know him today. However, many are happy they decided to tone down his scary face.

One of the commenters was happy they had chosen a more "human" version of Lord Voldemort, played by Ralph Fiennes.

This person pointed out that the original design, due to its additional prosthetics and CGI, would have made it harder for Fiennes to deliver a good performance and instead reduced Voldemort to a stereotypical "snake guy."

The internet user argued that the Voldemort they chose was scarier than the original version as he could deliver a better quality performance.

Another user seemed to echo this opinion and said that it was more "terrifying that Voldemort has a face that's slightly yet distinctly not human." This person believes the character design we know is scarier because Voldemort looks like he was a human before something went horribly wrong.