Hardest Months In A Relationship

Hardest Months In A Relationship

If relationships were easy, a lot of people would be in happy romantic affairs. As most people know, relationships take some work. So, if you are most people, the truth is that you are willing to put your heart and soul into a promising relationship to make sure it works out.

So, why is it that most relationships end after 5 months of dating? The answer might lie in the fact that most couples don't make it past the hardest months in a relationship.

Experts have been struggling to understand why many relationships end after only a few months. They have also taken time to figure out what months in a relationship turn out to be most problematic for most couples. So, today, we will look at the hardest months in a relationship and the issues that make them traps for most couples.

It is believed that, during these months, the partners are confused about a lot of things. Couples are also trying to make important decisions about the future of their relationship. Unfortunately, they lack enough information to make the right decisions, which makes these months so overwhelming for many of them.

We'll look into this in greater detail. Generally, it is believed that the hardest months are the second, third, and fourth months of being together.

1. The Second Month - Insecurities Begin To Surface

Hardest Months In A Relationship

After the fun first month of dating, the second month turns out to be one of the hardest months in a relationship for many people. For starters, some people get incredibly insecure because they start having strong feelings for each other.

Not surprisingly, doubts about the future of the relationship start to emerge during the second month of the relationship. This is what makes this one of the hardest months in a relationship. Basically, someone who was just a stranger starts becoming an increasingly important part of your life by the second month.

At this point in the relationship, people are often afraid that their feelings might not be reciprocated. Trying to find out if the other person loves them can make them seem clingy, which is a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Even if the relationship survives this test, the second month can be incredibly difficult for the two lovebirds.

The problem is usually worsened by the fact that people don't usually feel the same toward each other when the relationship is this new. After all, some people take a while to develop strong feelings for their partners. So, when they are rushed to commit before they have these feelings for the person they are seeing, they can grow distant, cut off communication, and effectively doom the relationship and any potential it might have had.

Sadly, a relationship that is just two months old can easily end at this point. One of the partners might start to feel suffocated by the other person's insecurities and seek a permanent way out. Otherwise, if these issues don't plague your 2-month-old relationship, this should be a pretty exciting time for your romance.

2. The Third Month - The Challenge Of Unmet Expectations

Hardest Months In A Relationship

During the third month in a relationship, things actually get better since there is a little more trust between the partners. Still, this is one of the hardest months in a relationship for a couple of reasons. For starters, things can get overwhelming since having trust for your new partner means expecting them to be a little more serious about you.

If the new partner does not seem too committed to you, you might start feeling dissatisfied with them. Maybe they are still in touch with former partners or potential lovers. This can be incredibly difficult to handle because, at this point, you now have feelings for this person. Extreme jealousy can also set in and make the relationship more challenging than you ever imagined.

However, if your partner seems as focused on you as you are on them, you can really enjoy this phase of your relationship. This means you don't have to worry about your partner's feelings for you. The increased amount of trust means that you can handle minor insecurities and relationship concerns in a healthier way.

Generally, the third month is a period when you start accepting that you are now in a new relationship and get into a new routine. Unfortunately, for most people, notable relationship issues emerge at this point. Many of these relationships never improve and they eventually reach their inevitable end. That is why this is still one of the hardest months in a relationship for many couples.

3. The Fourth Month - The Hardest Month In A Relationship

Hardest Months In A Relationship

This can be one of the hardest months in a relationship because you can get into a lot of arguments. The fights might get so bad that you might feel the need to take a break from each other. Consequently, a lot of people break up during their fourth month of dating.

At this point, you expect your partner to be a little more serious about you, which means they have to meet certain expectations. If your partner does not seem serious about you at this point for some reason, the chances of you splitting up increase exponentially.

You can keep the tough fourth month of your relationship from becoming your last by working on your communication skills. By having the freedom to discuss problematic relationship issues openly and find a solution, the fourth month can actually be a pretty good time for you. Otherwise, it can turn out to be one of the hardest months in a relationship for you and your partner.

How To Survive The Hardest Months In A Relationship

Hardest Months In A Relationship

Now that you know which are the hardest months in a relationship, it's only fitting that we look at ways you can make sure that you make it past these common relationship hurdles and establish a healthy and lasting relationship. In fact, once you make it past the first few months of your relationship, the rest of your first year together should be pretty fun as you enjoy your relationship's honeymoon phase.

Still, this relationship bliss is something you get to experience only after you get past the hardest months in a relationship with your new partner.

One of the things you can do to make sure that the challenges of the hardest months in a relationship don't break your bond includes going out regularly. Ideally, you should go out at least once a week. During these special moments together, you will find it easier to discuss major relationship issues and make compromises where necessary. At the end of the day, a relationship is an arrangement that makes sure everyone is happy and accommodated.

You should also spend more time together to avoid putting yourself in a position where you are making wrong assumptions about each other. When you have enough time for each other, insecurities are less likely to pop up in a relationship. Knowing each other better grows the confidence you have in each other as romantic partners and keeps you from experiencing the challenges other people go through during the hardest months in a relationship.

Additionally, to keep your relationship happy during these tough months of dating, you should have lots of fun together. This is the best time to go out and have fun in new places. By doing this, any doubts you might have about having a fulfilling relationship will most likely go away.

In summary, what many people consider the hardest months of a relationship might be the most memorable and exciting times in your romance, but only if you play your cards right. Generally, remember that communication problems and an inability/unwillingness to invest quality time into the relationship are the main reasons these few first months in a relationship are so tough for many people.