Hard As It Might Seem, A Man Who Sees Your Worth Is On His Way To You

Hard As It Might Seem, A Man Who Sees Your Worth Is On His Way To You

It's true that your heart has been shattered into pieces many times. You are probably even surprised that you are still standing after all the blows you have suffered. You gave your all to some people because you loved them. And I understand the pain of dealing with the reality that everything you did turned out to be pointless.

Yes, you were there for them in every way, but it meant nothing to them. Each of these times, you gave your heart away with the faith that you would get the same in return. But instead, all you got was one heartbreak after another. They broke you and then left you alone and reeling from the pain.


Whenever you put yourself out there, you got nothing but heartbreaks.

Even though you gave all you had, it was never enough. And even though you deserved everything anyone can offer, you got nothing in return. Their needs were insatiable, and your needs did not matter.

So to them, you were dispensable. That is why you got insults, domination, and maltreatment. They did nothing but exploit your best for their own selfish needs. They discovered your weak spots, and they used this to make you a victim.


I know how you feel. So, I totally get why you would think of giving up on love. I understand the immense amount of pain you carry within you. I know that hoping for better days does not make sense.

But understand one thing, I have been there as well.

I was a wreck after so many failed relationships. My heart was bleeding, and I felt nothing but pain. The pain and desolation replaced any hope I had of ever finding love. But deep within me, I knew that was not the end.


I knew that the future could not be so bleak. I took that and ran with it. I used this little ray of hope to find a way to believe in love once more.

So, believe me when I tell you there is a man out there who will be the perfect match for your life.

When this guy comes along, he will love nothing more than to be part of your life. He will also not be afraid to let you know how much he appreciates and values you.


The right man will love you beyond words. For the first time in your life, you will learn that romantic fairy tales are actually true and that they come to life when you least expect them. Trust me, you will love again, and it will be the most beautiful feeling for you.

Yes, know that you will learn to love again. And with the right man, you will love more than you ever thought possible. This man will show you a side you never thought existed.


A fire will light up within you, and you will feel like the luckiest girl alive.

The right man will respect and support you in every possible way. Never again will you doubt your worth because this person will never fail to make you know how precious you are. He will be your greatest fan, and he will make you see that you have no limits in your life.

It might take a while before he comes along, but the right man is out there, and all he wants is to find his way to you. I can not tell you exactly how long it takes, but I know it will happen.


If I found him for myself, as broken and hopeless as I was, I believe anyone can.

The greatest love of your life is also looking to be joined to you.

So, believe in miracles because they are real.

All you need is some patience. Let your heart learn to love once more, and your true love will find its way to you.